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The Cold Heart

This is another masterpiece of my favorite author Sara Naveed. I got a signed copy of this book and I couldn’t be happier. When this book was launched I was excited because I loved every single book of Ms Sara. But while reading this book, I realized it was not a typical romance novel. This is a romance thriller with a lot of suspense and my God this book drives you insane. I sacrificed my sleep just to finish this and made it to the end in one day 😀 All thanks to the author for putting out a different kind of story for us romance readers. It was really mind blowing and the story shows how much effort has been put into it to make it worth the hype. Throughout this book I never felt this story is jumping to the end. In fact I felt every character was given  justice, be it an innocent one or the evil one.

Story revolves around Zaira and also told from her perspective too. She is studying literature at university and hoping to become a writer. She didn’t have any close relations. Both parents died and one sister who wasn’t on talking terms with her. Ziara has always led a life of misery. One day out of the blue she got a message from her sister. She thought this might be a chance of something good in her life. Her best friend Azlan also convinced her to giver her sister Zoha a chance to med things between them. Little did Zaira know that her life was going to turn upside down now. She got herself into a murder mystery and then all the courses of events unfolded a different reality. One thing I must say that Zaira’s gut feelings were very strong throughout and she was proved right too. That was something I appreciated the most. I kept on thinking why this book has the title of Cold Heart when Zaira was such a sweet and innocent person. But when the cold hearted person was revealed I was shocked and I couldn’t help but hate that person. The kind of thriller romance this book has, it makes you wanna read it in one go. The plot twist makes it even more interesting and make you want to believe Farid.

Overall this book is a collection of so many emotions. I liked the suspense and dark thriller secrets it has. I am super proud of Ms Sara Naveed and the fact that she is a proud Pakistani author. I really recommend this book and all other books of her. I would really love to read whatever next book she will write.

My favorite quote from this book was “Sometimes, you have to let go of the past and think of the future. But before you try to do that, you need to learn to live in the present.”
Let me know yours ❤


Toxic Love

Toxic love is the second part of the “Lost in Love” series by Guzaarish. The first part was very beautiful no doubt but this one has my heart. I truly admire the work of author because the characters in this book are different than the first one, but one thing remained constant, the love triangle. This was a whole new story with different characters linked with previous part and it made my heart melt for everyone. This book has different kinds of twist that make you scream WHAT? WHY? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? WHAT NOW? Anyway I loved the book. One thing I must mentioned is that author did justice to the character of Ahaan in this book. He actually deserved it all and I loved reading about him.  This story was so much exciting and I couldn’t wait to read how it ends.

The story is centered around two characters from the previous book Ahaan and Purvi and a new person Ehsaas. The first two people went from enemies to lovers which was the good part. Ehsaas creating the mess in order to clean the mess was a whole different story. Ahaan was heartbroken in the first part. He didn’t want to give love another chance but somehow he ended up with Purvi. Now the Purvi’s character is very complicated. She was very bold and a firecracker kind of person but she had her vulnerable side too which she didn’t want to reveal to the world. But somehow she became transparent in front of Ahaan. As much as Purvi and Ahaan were getting closer and falling for each other despite their promise to themselves not to fall for anyone, Ehaas’s motive to get Purvi was getting stronger day by day. He couldn’t put up with the sight of both of them getting comfortable with each other. Throughout the book, I hated Ehsaas and whatever he did. But when I got to know about his side of story my heart melted for him, ached for him. Truly loss changes people. It did the same with Ehsaas too. He lost so many close people in his life that too because of someone else, he made his life’s only motive to take revenge for his loss.

In the end, I must say that I loved how authentic this book feels. It gave so much of a rollercoaster ride to the readers. It also gave a lesson that love can truly conquer hearts no matter how hard they are to open. Overall the story hits different at every page. It has different perspective for everything, love, hate, friendship, family and all. The best thing about this series was that everyone narrates their side of story which made it so easy to understand every single character. I really recommend this series to everyone.

My favorite quote from this book was “Love lacks the basic courtesy of knocking on the door of your heart before entering. You won’t know it has consumed your heart until it’s too late.”
Let me know yours ❤

Twisted Knot

This incredibly interesting book is written by Guzaarish. I was given an ARC copy of the book in return for an honest review. I was actually very impressed because for a debut novel, this was a true piece of art. The whole story is so well written and it keeps you absorbed in it. I finished this book within one day because I couldn’t put it down. It was a very quick read and even more I wanted to read it in one sitting. The language is very simple and easy to understand, the story has a lot of twists and turns just as the name suggests. But overall I was so much happy to read this and couldn’t want for the next part. The suspense this novel has, the love triangle in it to have your heart poured out for those three people, the diverse cultural representation it has to live in the story, it all keeps the reader occupied. I must say this book is truly a gem if you love to read Indian culture.

So the story revolves around Anayra, an orphan girl raised in convent, Aryan and Ahaan two brothers who are opposite in nature but both have a heart of gold. Anayra was a very sweet and innocent girl who was always being bullied at school and she always preferred to be alone because she thought no one likes her. She had only one friend who she thought to be her friend but her perspective was shattered. So the story builds up when Anayra was trapped to marry Aryan by her manipulative friend. She was supposed to run away from the scene before the marriage rituals start but then again it didn’t happen and she became the wife of Aryan Rajput. But before he could see her, she ran away from the scene and promised to never return to these people because she was so afraid of what might happen to her. Ahaan who has always been a part of bully, saw her running away and helped her to escape the scene. Little did we know the reality of Ahaan and what he had in his heart. My heart ached when he told his side of story and what he feels and did for Anayra. Years later, Anayra bumped into her husband once again and it was impossible for both Anayra and Aryan to stop themselves from falling in love with each other. Anayra was still fearful to admit the truth and put it out in from of Aryan. But fate had different plans for all three of them. All three hearts were aching and one has to back off, this was the most painful part and actually made me cry too. The chaos created for three of them was very hard to ignore and sweep under the rug. The best part was played by Purvi, friend of Anayra, who put some sense into Anayra’s brain and made her do the sensible decision. I loved her character throughout because of the way she was bold enough to face anything.  

Overall this book is the perfect collection of love, romance, friendship, slow burn heartache and pain. I honestly feel it can be made into a wonderful movie. The cultural mix of Inidan and modern world was beyond explanation. I loved the chemistry of all the characters, everyone has the personality to die for. Hence I am jumping onto the next part 😀

My favorite quote from this book was “There was something beautiful about being in the dark and feeling the sparks of light diffusing into it and casting its shadows on you.”
Let me know yours ❤

All This Time

This is a very cute book written by Mikki Daughtry and Rachael Lippincott. It is a very beautifully written book with a lot of emotions. I honestly chose to read this book because I went to a bookstore and I loved the book cover. That’s it. Just because of the cover. But yes I was not disappointed or didn’t regret reading this at all. The characters are very strong in terms of feelings and the situation they go through. Every thing is so much related and everyone has a lot to deal with at the same time. At least I felt this book gave the lesson of kindness and be helpful to each other to build them up because you never know what a person has went through.

The story starts with two characters Kimberly and Kyle who were a perfect couple till Kim broke the news of breakup on the night of graduation. She broke the news by saying she was with him out of pity and couldn’t carry on with this. Somehow she was right to do so because you can’t be with someone for a very long time if he/she makes everything about them and not care for their partner. Anyhow just as they broke up they met a terrible tragic accident. Kyle wakes up in the hospital and got to know his girlfriend is dead. But he sees him everywhere and thinks that she is with him. There he met Marley a very beautiful soul. She was such a sweetheart throughout. She was the one who taught Kyle that there is so much more in life than being trapped in your past. She taught him how to get up and move on from past trauma and make a future. Until everything was just a mere story. And what happens next will entirely shock you. I literally reread two three pages back again and again just to absorb what is happening and how it all shifted to something entirely different.

Overall I believe it is a heart wrenching novel. One moment you are smiling and the next moment you will be crying. This is not a very typical romance story where two people meet by chance and they lived happily ever after. It is a kind of story where we have to pull out of a dream and meet the reality. This is a story of emotions and pain and the after life of dealing with it.  

My favorite quote from this book was “And it’s exactly what I needed to hear. She is not pushing me to just be better already. Not judging how I feel or what I am doing. She is just letting me feel it”
Let me know yours ❤

How It Happened

This hilarious book is written by Shazaf Fatima Haider. She is a very talented Pakistani author. I loved how beautifully she has written a book that depicts the sub-continent culture. If you belong to Pakistan or India you will enjoy it the most since you know these things happen around us, in our homes, in our families. It is a very realistic book because it reflects the true representation of a Pakistani arranged marriage. But overall this a very funny book, a very smooth read and everyone I know who has read this enjoyed it a lot. I just cannot explain how it can make you laugh out loud. For a debut novel, Ms Shazaf has done a tremendous job.

The story is told by Saleha who is the granddaughter of our main character “Dadi”. Saleha is basically narrating the whole story about what dadi believes and does. The Dadi is extremely against love marriages and she thinks she can find a great match for her grad children just as she has done for her children. They belong to a Shia family in Karachi. Hence Dadi’s belief to marry into the Shia family is also very strong. Despite all this the elder siblings of Saleha, Haroon and Zeba, found someone they want to marry. The plot changed when everyone finds out the person Zeba wants to marry is not from Shia sect. He was a Sunni Muslim and that created a whole different kind of drama in the family. How they all convince Dadi for this marriage and the little mischiefs Saleha and her cousins do in the house are something worth reading. Every character is this book is relatable to our family members. Trust me! The concept of elders is well explained and how to bring good change in elders without being insulting.

I extremely recommend this book to everyone. The ones who are from the same culture to enjoy another daily life story and those who want to know what happens in desi families when it comes to marriage. Without disrespecting anyone beliefs, Shazaf has written a very witty book which is enjoyable for all.

My favorite quote from this book was “I don’t want to get married for the sake of producing children. I want a companion. I want love.”
Let me know yours ❤

Better Left Unsaid

This is a very emotional book written by Jeannie Raney. I was given ARC copy of the book in return of an honest review. Man! This book really touched my heart. It is so beautiful and the story is really really well written. There is a lot of drama and mystery in the book but the good thing is every knot is untied at the end and there is a happy ending which is my most favorite part. This book makes you think and reflect on so many things for example how to deal with past trauma, how to accept present after a horrible past, how to open up again, how to treat others with similar kind of past and so much more. The dual narration made is so easy to understand the perspective of both the character Nikolai and Juniper. The main thing I learnt from this book is that we cannot escape the past nor the pain. But what we can do is to let someone hold our hand and deal with it. And this is how our lives should be. None of us can claim they had a very smooth life but what we can do is understand each other and be kind and open up.   

Now the story starts with Juniper who had a very traumatic past, is moved to a whole new place and has been through therapy as well. She decided she will do something with her life because she is more than what her past has made her feel. Then she met this amazing soul Quyuh who gave her a part time job as well as extended her hand for a good friendship which Juniper accepted. They were at a bar where they met Nikolai and Alex. Nikolai was having love at first sight with Juniper and tried to save her from some creeps. Nikolai was being very secretive about his life in the early stages when he and Juniper started going out because his life was a total mess and he found it very difficult to open up in front of anyone. It wasn’t like he didn’t want to share with Juniper, it’s just he couldn’t. To be honest I kinda felt annoyed at one point when he was deciding again and again that this time he will tell everything but he didn’t.

On the other side both of their grandparents were at old age care center and they were lovers separated from a long time ago. The best part was when they were united again and cherished each other. While Nikolai dealt with the mess his life was, Juniper kept on building herself up. She joined a nursing school as well as worked for her living as well which was very brave of her knowing the fact how her ex fiancé treated her. I felt that it was a very strong story with great meaning. As complex and complicated Nikolai was, his heart was a pure gem. And Juniper is one of the strongest characters I have ever come across. This book has also shown what a strong friendship is, what loyalty means to some people and what to do when someone vey dear to you is in trouble or danger. Some things are really better left unsaid and shouldn’t be brought up if they are painful for a soul. Be open to share your life but do not dig up the pain that has already happened.  

I once again thank Jeannie for sending me this book and even more writing a beautiful story. Everyone must read it. There are triggers in this book like physical abuse or murder but overall it is a great book. You must have a strong heart to absorb it.   

My favorite quote from this book was “Love doesn’t care about what the universe has set up for you. And no amount of ignorance, or dread, no timeline or any event is going to make it go away- or hinder its grip. You know we don’t choose who we love”
Let me know yours ❤    

The Worls Between Us

This book is by one of my most favorite person Sara Naveed. I got a signed copy of this book by her and it was my dream come true to have a signed copy. I am truly thankful to her. I finished this book over night because it was sooooo good. The story revolves around the romance genre but it was an emotional rollercoaster ride and a different kind of love story. There are so many twists and turns and nothing cliché. A very comfort read for everyone. There are so many good points in this book, moments where you want to pour your heart out or cry out. You feel ache for the characters and all the time you want something good between them. One more good aspect is that it is a happy ending book. My heart felt at peace after reading it and not left hanging to think what happened or what could have happened.

The story started with very drastic situations for both Qais and Amal and after reading it completely I understood that it was necessary to explain it first because that’s how we knew how their personalities were built and why they behaved that way. They met through tinder but Amal was not going for any dating option on tinder so she forgot about Qais after deleting the app. Later on they started working at the same office. Their relationship started with hatred and annoyance between them which later on converted to a cute love story. This book really touched some of the serious things that happen around us in our society also how anyone should react in situations like those. This book also gives lesson to open up your heart for good things and happiness will follow us then. Qais was a really good example of absorbing things in and still have a kind heart. Money is not the only aspect having happiness. Yes it can buy stuff to make us happy but as much comfort a companion can provide will never be compared to what money gives us. I love how Amal was content with her financial situations and was neither complaining about money nor she was looking for a millionaire for herself. Her only concern was true love to have a happy peaceful life. My heart sank for both of them and I really wished to have a good end for both which I got. If you read it in one go it will definitely make your day.  

I would really recommend it to everyone. If you want a signed copy, reach out to Ma’am Sara. She is extremely sweet and very talented. This book is one of a kind and a masterpiece. For romance readers this is a must read.

My favorite quote from this book was “I took a deep breath and smiled to myself. A surge of happiness engulfed my entire being. As soon as our eyes met, I forgot everything else.”
Let me know yours ❤

Wild Souls

This incredibly beautiful book is written by Faith Prince. It was my first ever book of this author and I was also given ARC copy. I was truly amazed by this book and so much into it. The language used in this is very simple and easy to read in one go. I enjoyed each and every bit of this book. This has a different kind of YA story with the addition of paranormal fiction. The dual POV made it more easy to understand the story. This was the perfect example of “opposite attracts” because Jenna was a lively social person who likes adventure and sees good in everything and everyone. Ethan on the other hand was an introvert person and likes to keep it to himself. The story is well built and the characters are very well written.

The story starts with Ethan who has special abilities to see through someone’s soul as well as see aura of a person. He can actually feel the aura in the form of pain of happiness and calmness. Everyone in the school thought he was a freak. Even his own mother thought he is a psychotic patient and took him to multiple psychiatrists but it was helpless because nobody understood the actual thing that was happening with him. One day he was being a victim of bully when Jenna saved him from those bad boys. It was that day he realized how good Jenna’s soul was. They both started talking on a mind reel app and they didn’t know who they are talking to at first. But the best part was they met at the very beginning. And then the story builds up around how they get involved into each other life. How they got themselves better for the other person specially Ethan. Jenna’s ability to look for good in every situation and Ethan’s ability to look through someone’s souls made this book a real beauty. How they made sure that there is no bad thing that should happen to anyone around them was really remarkable. Their chemistry not only brought good in each other but in so many others around them.

I would really recommend this book to everyone. This is a perfectly balanced story to read. It has humor romance, fantasy, kindness, friendship and love. It is a quick read but still the story doesn’t feel like growing too quickly. Everything looks like happening at the perfect moment. Once again thanks to the author for sending me this book. I really really enjoyed it.

My favorite quote from this book was “Jenna is neither day nor night. She is the best part of each because Jenna chooses to focus on the best parts of everything”
Let me know yours ❤

The Brain

It is the first part of Starling Key Series by January James. I was given an ARC copy in return of an honest review so here is my review. I am speechless! I am amazed by the beauty of this book. I am in awe of the characters. I can’t put it down how much I loved reading this. The story building structure of the book, the setting, every little detail, the right amount of emotions in every scene is what made this book so good and kept me interested. This is a book full of humor, twists, drama, love and tragedy.

Connor is the alpha male and is the head of security at the resort of Starling Key. He is the brain of the business because the owner has put everything on his shoulder because of his impressive leadership skills. Tawny was a clumsy girl who can embarrass herself in a very funny way specially in front of Connor who actually hates her at first. She came to work for Starling Key and was scared of Connor at first too because of their first interaction. They both have a dreading past to deal with along with keeping up the present. Connor a victim of PTSD and Tawny had to go through household issues and loss of parents. Their love story is the perfect example of “opposite attracts”. Not only them, but all other characters in their circle were amazing. Connor has the right kind of men in his team. Everyone seems to be the perfect fit for his role. The interesting part is the side business they do at the resort behind owner’s back and keeping it a secret. The kind of friendship shown in this book is extraordinary as well.

My heart melted for Connor after getting to know his haunting past but I also wanted to punch him in his face to decline the help that he should be getting in order to get over his past. The reason he was such a strong person from outside was the kind of life he had lived. On the other hand I wanted to know more about Tawny’s past, but her character was well built no matter what. I love how she loved Connor and all his darkest parts as well and willing to help him too. Their bond of love was so special for me to read and kept me invested in this book. They both were so vulnerable deep down but the kind of love they had was going to help them to be back in one piece.  

Well I can’t wait to start other parts of this series. The exceptional kind of love story it gave me was worth reading. Not only the main characters, but the side ones have a captivating story as well. So overall a very good read for all the readers like me who love to read romance along with drama, humor and some childhood trauma.

My favorite quote of this books was “It’s better to spend a few year together with someone you love and be hurt when they die, than to spend no time together in that way at all.”
Let me know yours ❤

It Starts With Us

The most awaited book of this year by our most favorite author Colleen Hoover. At this point I am honestly amazed how can she writes such heartful novels. Yes, we all wanted a good end for Lily and something good Atlas deserved too and our wish came true in the form of this book. There is no need to say I won’t give spoilers because it is a book we asked for. Man! Was I happy to read this? Are there any more stars to give than 5? After it was released, I couldn’t wait to finish what I was reader and start this one. And all the wait was worth it so I want to thank Colleen Hoover to write this for us all. If someone says they don’t like this book, I don’t like them too, period!

We all know how “It Ends With Us” ended, so this book starts from there. Both Lily and Atlas have the brewing desire to get closer but they are hesitant of their circumstances. Author made sure to keep the story realistic and this is what I love about her books. It is not easy to leave an abusive husband and raise a child alone and still be in touch with your ex-husband because of your kid. But I am so glad whatever happened to Ryle was what he deserved. Not only he, all the abusive partners like him deserve the same. Everyone deserves a chance at happiness and no one, absolutely no one can take that chance away from you. I loved how Lily and Atlas started over and took baby steps and eventually fell head over heels for each other. They both had soft hearts and there is nothing more joyous than to see your favorite characters together.

Not only these two characters but overall everyone in this book was absolutely lovable. I loved how Theo is being a good therapist for Atlas despite being so young. He gave such cute humorous advices and he was so mature of his age. I loved how Josh was saved and how he turned out to be the best version of a little brother. I was truly happy that Josh chose Atlas over his dad and they both deserved that brotherhood, that feeling of living with family. I loved how Marshal and Alyssa are being so supportive of Lily despite the fact Alyssa is Ryle’s sister. Her character gave us all a lesson to stand with the righteous no matter what the situation is. Your love for your family should be separated from your love to be on the right path. If your sibling is being abusive you can’t support them in that, instead help them out in being a better person. The person who is suffering should never be left alone. I loved how Lily’s mother gave her space to grow and be happy without questioning her choices. I love how she is being with her grand daughter so that their bond is strong from the very start.  

It Ends With Us is a book which gave a full stop to an abusive marriage. It Starts With Us is a book which finds a way to start a happy and healthy marriage. No matter how much I say I love everything about it, it won’t do justice to the goodness of this book. Read it yourself and know why I am failing to express 😀  

My favorite quote from this book was “My loyalty is to the people who bring positivity into my life. My loyalty is to the people who want to build me up and see me happy. Those are the people I am going to make decisions about my life for.”
Let me know yours ❤