Broken Souls

Well well! if you have read the first part you will be curious to read the second one. This part is all about heartbreaks, hope, kindness, second chances and not giving up on yourself. This part starts with Nyah being moved away to a small island village and changed her name to Svannah. She has to start over again with her life and this place felt perfect for it. There she met a person named Cole, who was the owner of a resturant which Svannah thought of renovating so that it can have more customers. The restaurant was Cole’s late wife dream and he was just persuing her dream. Cole had his own emotional baggage which he was not ready to share or let go. But with the kindness in the heart of Svannah and her son, Cole’s heart was melted and he felt like he was given another life. Cole’s wife and his only daughter were killed in a plane crash and he was not ready to get over his pain. Well after his rebirth, he truly felt that he was missing on his life a lot. He and Svannah would start sharing their emotional baggage and became so close to each other.

Soon a new love story begins between Svannah and Cole and the kids were all so happy about it as well since they need a fatherly figure in life. They both were so emotionally damaged that it made them so carefull at each step they take in their life specially when it came to love and giving it a second chance. Meanwhile Caleb was trying so hard to find Svannah and get the answers he needed to move on in his life. At every stage he failed to find her but wasn’t giving up. Fate destined them to be together and they eventually met. This book has a very different pace than the first one. In every chapter you see a new thing coming up and story takes a new turn of events. After you finish the second part you start to wonder how Caleb is going to fit back into the life of Svannah with all the things going on with her. Well the good part is your questions are answered in the thrid part. Well if you feel ached for Svannah in the first part, you will be shattered into pieces for her in the second part and you would wonder that how much this woman is going to suffer more before she finds happiness in her life.

My favorite quote from this part was “The pain of the person not being there hurt more than hearing the words that made her happy at that moment
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Broken Promises

This is the first book of Broken Trilogy written by S. A. Thomas. I was given an ARC copy of the trilogy. To be very honest I delayed reading it because I felt this is a very sad read as per the title but I think when they say don’t judge a book by its cover, they say it right. When I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down. I read all three books in four days 😀 It was my first ever book of S. A. Thomas and I absolutely loved it. I even talked to the author after I completed the first part as I was so sad about the ending. I tried to get a spoiler but she is very sweet and she just gave me a good hope about the next part. It’s a very curious read I must say because there is so much happening in it and the most interesting part is not a single event is rushed. Everything is perfectly described and detailed that you can’t help but love it.

The book starts with an accidental meeting between Caleb and Nyah. Nyah is a single mother and working as a General Manager at a hotel chain owned by Caleb’s father. She is smart, intelligent, beautiful and a hardworking woman. She didn’t know Caleb until his father brought him to the office next day and broke the news of him working with her in order to learn how to run the hotel. Well she wasn’t surprised to know that Caleb is a spoiled brat and a mommy’s boy. Even in this thirties he acts like a teenager. He started giving her a very tough time at the hotel and she eventually gave up and let his father know that she can’t help him. Caleb soon realized that he is not respected anywhere even at his own house because of the way he is. He tried to change himself so that he can be responsible and all of it was because Nyah made him realize it in one of their fights. Nyah couldn’t believe that he is changing himself all of a sudden. That change in him brought them closer to each other just as they were destined.

Nyah and Caleb both were running from their past though Nyah’s struggles and fears were different from him and much stronger as well. Meanwhile we see that Caleb’s mother is not very happy with Nyah’s presence around her son and she didn’t see her as a perfect fit for her son. Well shit happens to everyone and soon a perfect romantic story was interupted by Nyah’s past which eventually affected Caleb and his family as well. From there on you see all the twists and turns of the book and you will not believe what Nyah has to go through and her patience is being tested so much that you ache for her. Similarly Caleb was betrayed by his loved ones and you feel so shattered for him.

The element of curiosity makes you want to read the next part right away. The author has written these books with such beauty that you feel so absorbed. I would want all the romance readers to read it and figure out what this has to offer.

My favorite quote from this book was “What he felt for her was genuine. Pure. Just thinking about her filled him with peace and joy, and like a hundred mile view from a mountaintop, he saw their future together with such clarity.
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10 Dates

This piece of romance is by Bridget Van der Eyk which I absolutely loved. She has put so much effort into this book with characters and the details of insights. This is a book about being honest to yourself and about what you want in your life. It has everything from drama to humor, from gossip to heartbreak and scandals and whatnot. At first when you start the book, you think this isn’t for you because of all the Hollywood drama and all but when you proceed, it becomes very interesting.

Libby Evans is the top supermodel, an upcoming Victoria’s Secret Angel and the leader of the brat pack. She seems to have it all and in perfect manner. One morning, she woke in the bed with the wrong man and tried to think about the previous night whereabouts. Obviously she realized it’s not her boyfriend and how dangerous it would be for her career if this news goes out of this room. The person next to her was a paparazzo and in order to keep it all a secret, he asked her to go on 10 dates with him to which she agreed because she has the goal to become VC angel and she can’t afford a scandal like this. At first it seemed stupid to anyone who reads but when the dates started, you come to know how different Libby is from her pack. Her thought and opinions are way different and she is definitely not like the rest of her frenemies. The rest of the pack was typical spoiled brats, rude, self-centered, disloyal, into gossip and spreading it and making fun of others. Obvious to their nature, they were result of their past and future insecurities.

Wentworth, the paparazzo, was the true gentleman. Not because he blackmailed Libby into 10 dates but the way he acts during those dates and how he took the stand for her. He proved that nobody is perfect but everyone has a good side and his good side overshadowed the wrong he did. Way too charming to be a man, kind and compassionate. Being with him made Libby relaized what she wanted in her life and where she belongs and that’s defenitely not with the rest of the girls. She got the strength because of him which she didn’t know she had. Their relationship started from blackmail and turned into a purest form of love. The ending is what makes you feel so good. The point where everything shatters and takes a new form is just so relieving where Libby got a good lesson from the friends she had and realized what sort of people she should surround herself with. Wentworth proved to be the adorable human in her life and showed her how genuine their relationship is.

This is fun and cute read with a lot of drama and gossip. The moments where you feel awestrucked and “oh damn not again” at the same time, is what makes this novel very likeable. I would definitely recommend this to everyone who is into romance and drama.

My favorite quote from this book was “She realized that whilst she was angry part of her was also sad. Missing someone tended to do that to a person, especially when it was someone that you loved.”
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A Kiss Of Venom

This book is another piece of art by Beena Khan. At this point I am just so amazed by the vast knowledge and her literary skills. This whole mafia series is going to another height and with constant beauty in it. Beena Khan is famous for writing such captivating novels. Once you start the book you don’t want to put it away and my God if you have to wait for the next part, it’s a whole test of your patience. Just as the name says it all, this book is another view of a very famous fairytale “Sleeping Beauty”. Beena has put the flawles blend of an old fairytale and modern romance. If I could give more than five stars, I’d do it instantly. Each and every scene is perfectly described, the use of superb vocabulary and the building of such strong characters is just out and out. It is full of emotions, at one page you wanna cry and the next part you feel anger and sadness and gloomy but eventually you love this roller coaster ride of emotions. The twisted story, the suspense and the engagement this book provides is a huge plus. This story has main characters as Alexdander who is the Pakhan of Bratva family and Ghislaine who is an FBI agent, so you know how this story will be.

So the story began when Ghislaine was awaken from a 3 years long coma with a kiss. When she woke up, she realized her world has turned upside down because she lost her husband in their last assignment. Obviously she needs time to process it all and cope up. She has a 4 years old adorable daughter Noura as well and she wasn’t prepared to be a mother of a kid this age. Because last time when she was conscious her baby was an infant. So basically Ghislaine is now in a such dark pit that she can’t get out even if she wants to. She has so much on her plate already. When she finally returned to her life she realized how much her husband was a biggest support for her. And how can we forget Alexander, who was the case Ghislaine was working on. From the very start Alexdander’s best and worst pictures has been shown to all of us. The readers have love hate feelings for him from the first page.

Alexdander was a cruel and selfish Pakhan until he met Ghislaine. As much as she avoided him, he became an addiction for her and their burning chemistry is something! Even after going through all that, Ghislaine is such a strong woman. She was definitely not a petite widow. She had such strong edges that it could cut your throat in one stroke. After meeting her we saw the soft side of Alexdander, how he felt pain and his strong character bubble was bursted. Also to mention here the most cutest thing was his and Noura’s bonding. How she called him with his name and he gave her the name of “Baby Sun”. The way he was with Noura was something really surprising because you don’t expect such character to be so soft for anyone especially kids but how can someone not adore baby sun. Coming back towards Alexdander and Ghislaine, the major part was how she taught him how to feel love and how to fight for love. The passion her love gave to Alexdander was heart whelming.

In the end, we conclude that opposites do attract. Ghislaine and Alexdaner were two poles of a magnet and they couldn’t stay apart for long. Love always wins no matter how merciless or stone-hearted a person is. I would definitely recommend this to everyone. I would suggest new readers to start reading from the first mafia romance book of Beena Khan if you want to live in the story.

My favorite quote from this book was “Those black abysses stared right into me. Sometimes, I forgot what I was saying when he simply looked at me. His gaze was all-knowing and powerful. With a single gaze, he held me captive.”
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All That You Are

TThis really cute book is by Elicia Roper. She sent me an ARC copy in return of an honest review. I started reading it and I couldn’t put it aside even for a second. As I mentioned earlier it is a cute story. Aside from that the storyline is very smooth with a hint of humor here and there and obviously the romance part has just the perfect blend. Elicia’s writing style was just seamless and leveled out in a way that you just dive into it. This is a wish of every reader – to grab a book and get right into the story as soon as possible and Elicia made sure of that from the very first page. The characters are very interesting and engaging. One thing i really appriciate is good humor. There are no dirty jokes and nothing vulgur at all. I actually enjoy the conversation between siblings. As someone with siblings, I could relate to them 😀 This all showed a very strong relationship between characters. This book also gives a huge shout out to the people who think they are not good enough or not giving their 100% to everything, whereas in fact those same people are actually doing more than anyone can ever do and they are the true inspiration for us.

First we start with Violet and Athena. Their friendship is the one we all want in our lives. Two bestfriends since kindergarten and have such an inseparable bond, like sisters. This is the kind of friendship that strengthens one another and are there for you in your times of desperate need. I loved their loyalty towards each other as well. The character Athena is very expressive. She and her family gave two lessons. First, if someone is pretending to be cool and going with the flow all the time you must check on them because deep down they are not okay and they just want to be strong to lesson the burden on everyone else. What hurts ONE family member, hurts EVERYONE in the house and that’s makes a house a HOME. Second lesson that this book gave us was you cannot harbor resentment towards a family member. You have to forgive, you have to let go of their mistakes and give them another chance to be a better version of themselves.

Now comes Caiden, who is this sweet boy who takes care of the family and friends and is always there for anyone’s help and neglects his own deep seated pain. He is not like the stereotypical guys in typical love stories. He is such a sweetheart from the start. Also when Athena and Caiden start to develop chemistry, it was the most adorable thing ever. Athena & Caiden wanting to meet each other again by any means was so adorable<3 This was such a sweet romance to read and let’s be honest, we want it to be sweet sometimes to get away from all the adult scenes and typical romance books. They both learned to be there for each other through the journey of forgiveness, loneliness and whatever trials life threw at them. To be honest this should be the bond beween everyone in love. They should lift each other up.

Last but not the least, this is a must read for all of us. Elicia has done a very good job to compile a complete set of emotions in one book and still keeping it all very realistic without any superficial scenarios. Life happens to everyone and it’s good to read and relate to it and learn something good out of everything we read. I really appreciate all the efforts of Elicia.

My favorite quote from this book is “The thing about broken heart is, unlike a broken bone it doesn’t get the time and attention it needs to heal
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Presuming You

This cute romantic novel is by Sana Khatri. This was my first book of her and I absolutely loved it. Her writing style is so simple and expressive that you can’t help but actually live in this book. Every emotion, every scene, every dialogue is so raw and passionate and intense. You can’t help falling in love with the characters. It’s not just a love story but a journey of a girl exploring herself in love and putting herself first for the sake of self love. The humor is there and I got to know some really good jokes from this book. I always feel that romance with humor and a lesson is very difficult to write, but Sana did it so well. The creativity in the story is breathtaking. The charcters are strong and the story keeps you engaged. You feel yourself smiling, getting angry, feeling sorry and whatnot. Both of the characters Zaira and Gallan had me consumed completely and made me love them both equally.

Zaira was an Indian Muslim girl. She was a plus size woman and keeping all her insecurities inside her. She was multitalented, quirky, funny and hardworking. She had her hobbies revoling around graphic art and by profession she was a crew member of a film that stared Gallan who was a leading Hollywood star. Zaira had such major crush on him that she wrote an entire book inspired by him. Well destiny was meant to get these two closer to each other and that was exactly what happened. They ended up trapped in a trailer together and their love story began from there. They got into a relationship and made it public too because they were uterly and completely in love with each other. Gallan was this really good, handsome and caring partner and Zaira was this cute, expressive, petite girl. There wasn’t anything wrong about their love. They loved each other for who they were and everything was pure and transparent. Gallan helped her lifting herself up personally and that was the cutest thing of this book.

Whatever goes up, must go down. This was exactly what happened with Zaira and Gallan. The misunderstanding created by a third person started rotting their relationship. This led to a point where Zaira was physically harmed and was being realized who she is and she doesn’t belong to Gallan’s world. It’s an undeniable fact that every person has insecurities which they keep inside no matter what. The destruction of a person starts when those insecurities are highlighted and are used to make you look so low of yourself. Not everyone is capable of maintaing the mature mental state of mind and same happened with Zaira. So in order to protect herself from that destruction, she tried to close the door of love. But Gallan being a sweetheart won her back and stayed true to his words. The heartbreaking uplifting moments can actually make you cry and feel sorry for Gallan but create a high place for him in your heart.

The underlying message is what the important part of book. When there are misunderstanding, you have to erase those not the person. But this thing require a sweeheart like Gallan and girl like Zaira and some very realistic emotions. Also it tells you that it is not so bad to put yourself first for the sake of your mental peace. It’s not a routine love story because Sana has added plot twist there too that is waiting for you all to read.

My favorite quote from this book was “If someone was truly meant to be in your life, then they’d end up being in your damn life, no matter the understandings. If you were menat to find happiness, then you bet your sweet ass you’d find it, no matter what others said of believed”
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It Ends With Us

This one hell of a book is written by Colleen Hoover. It is one of the books that leave an everlasting impression on you, the story just kind of stuck in your head, the lesson just hits you at the right spot. The theme of this book is domestic abuse. YES DOMESTIC ABUSE. But with romance. At first it looks like a teenager adult fiction but later on you realize what this is all about. Colleen has made her female character so stronge and powrful that it will leave you awestruck. This book gives us the lesson of love and giving up on everything for love but also when to stop. When you love someone, both have to develope into a new person for each other and most importantly love is not just about compromise. It is definitely not about compromise from one side. This book has raw emotions and honesty and inspiration for everyone. This might sound very feminist novel but it is to be read by both women and men. Love should not feel like a mistake at any stage. I know it’s not always flowers and chocolates but one should never come to a point where they have to regret their decision.

So, the story starts when Lily and Ryle met on a rooftop. Lily runs a flower shop and is having a career of her choice. Ryle is a surgeon and is excelling in his career too. They ran into each other when Lily was back from his father’s funeral and Ryle lost a patient. They both had some nostalgic feelings attached to their incidents but they couldn’t open up. Later on after months they started to have a healthy relationship, just like every other relationship in the beginning. Then the truth about Ryle’s sister’s advice made sense about not being involved in a relationship with Ryle. Ryle became abusive because he had anger issues and it was because of childhood trauma. On the other hand, Lily has always seen this in her house because her father was abusive too. Lily’s character is inspirational because she knows what she wants in her man and she knows where the boundry lies.

Then Atlas comes in picture who is the childhood love of Lily. Their story seemed very beautiful but it had a drastic end. When Lily and Atlas met, he tried to convince her to break up with Ryle because of his behavipour. But as a loyal girl she refused and she pretended like she is not like her mother and Ryle is not like her father. Knowing that Atlas still was commited to Lily’s love was out of this world and he was not letting her go so easily. His love had no boundries when it came to Lily and somehow Lily knew it too. He was this pefect man that every girl desires. When Lily had enough of Ryle because of his abusive behavior in the name of love, she took her decision and put a fullstop to a relationship so that it shouldn’t pass on to the next generation. She didn’t want her daughter to be brought up just like her. She wanted her daughter to know that her father is a good person not to remember him as an abusive parent.

This book gives us all a lesson that loving smeone doesn’t mean you are giving them the authority to damage you and believe me mental damage is far worse than a tinest physical damage. This book is all about making the right choice for yourself and for your family. Right choice does not mean that there is no love, it means only love is left there and the right to abuse has been taken away. I recommend everyone to read it.

My favorite quote from this book is “Just because someone hurts you doesn’t mean you can simply stop loving them. It’s not a person’s actions that hurt the most. It’s the love. If there was no love attached to the action, the pain would be a little easier to bear.”
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The Five People You Meet In Heaven

This incredible book is written by Mitch Albom. I read Tuesdays with Morrie and I was so inspired by the author so I chose to read this one. The good qualities of Mitch’s books are that they are short, quick read and very simply written to get the best understanding. This one was such a decent piece of literature and will change your perspective about life and death. Although from the title of the book, it seemslike a religious book but it has spiritual lessons without touching religious boundries. The way this book teaches us life lessons is very artisticly amazing. It deals with faith, emotions, life and death and how our every act has an impact on others. It tells us that the life we are living is not just ours’, but it is associated with numerous people, some of them we know and some of them know us. It leaves you to discover about some questions of life while answering other questions in a very positive way. This book can help every adult to look for positivity in everything and specially those who feel like they don’t have a purpose in this life and they havn’t done anything remarkable their entire life.

So the book starts when Eddie lost his life. Yes this book starts with the death of main character on his birthday. Eddie was in maintance team of a theme park Ruby Pier. It was a normal day in the life of Eddie. Suddenly a cart broke free and was about to fell and Eddie tried to save little girl from that cart by pushing her away but he died in this proces. From there he entered heaven. At first he was very confused about where he is and why he is there but then he started meeting his five people from heaven. The first one was a blue man who worked at Ruby Pier and he described how his and Eddie’s lives were asociated. The Blue man told his life story and Eddie recalled his life incidents too. Blue man told Eddie that he was going to meet five people in his heaven and he was one of those five people. Eddie wanted to know if he saved that girl from accident or not but Blue man couldn’t answer him. Blue man told Eddie the lesson that life incidents are not meaningless and random but they have a certain reason. After first lesson Eddie was brought to the war zone where he was there once. There he met his captain. He was the second person of Eddie. The Captain told him that it was him who shot Eddie and gave him a life long disability. But meanwhile he also told him the lesson of sacrifice and how Captain lost his life in the name of sacrifice for Eddie and other soldiers.

Then Eddie met a very important person in the mountains, Ruby. She told her why the park was named after her. Eddie saw a diner down the mountains and he saw his father inside it. Ruby told him the lesson to let go of the anger he has for his father and his father was not a bad person completely. After that Eddie entered a wedding reception and there he met Marguerite, his love of life and his lost wife. They talked for a very long time recalling about their days together. She told Eddie that even after her death, her love remained alive. She told him a lesson that true love never dies even if the people pass away and embrace death. This was actually the favorite part of book because he had a wonderful love life and Marguerite was such an adorable character. The final and the fifth person was an Asian girl named Tala. She told him that he killed her in the fire he always had nightmare about. She told him the lesson that the purpose of his life was to keep the children safe at Ruby Pier and his life was not as useless as he used to think it was and he was not just stuck at Ruby Pier. That’s how Eddie came to know that the life he always thought was meaningless, wasn’t really absurd. It impacted so many people and it gave him answers to so many questions he had throughout his life. He finally felt at peace with himself and the life he lived.

On the final note, this book enlightens you in so many ways. It is actually and eyeopener for everyone to be careful in our acts. It is not just our life that we are living but we are all connected in mysterious ways. One thing that was disturbing for me was the concept of heaven because Eddie was revisiting all the places he had been whether or not he liked it. So in my opinion, people could have met him in some other places because I don’t think so we want to revisit all the places we were at and call it heaven. But overall this one is highly recommended.

My favorite quote from this book is “Lost love is still love, Eddie. It just takes a different form, that’s all. You can’t hold their hand… You can’t tousle their hair… But when those senses weaken another one comes to life… Memory… Memory becomes your partner. You hold it… you dance with it… Life has to end, Eddie… Love doesn’t.”
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The Real Thing

This steamy romance is written by Felicity Rose. I got to know about her through Instagram and she is such a sweetheart. It was my first novel of her and my God! what’s not to love in it. It was beautifully written with a fast moving story. It was really amazing to see how the author has put all the good things about love with a touch of kink in a book. The characters, the description and the structure of story is well build. Even the description of intimate scenes is so keen and luxurious and it will make you experience it all 😉 For the debute novel, I think it was a kickass start for the author to present such a steamy romance. The chemistry between characters is so engaging that you don’t want to put this book aside for a minute. You see their ups and downs throughout the book and when you finish it, it kills you to wait for the 2nd part of this book. I think it should be illegal to leave readers hanging ._.

The story revolves around two main characters Saskia and Jim who are both ambitious about their careers. Saskia owned a bookstore and was an avid bookreader since childhood (which was interesting for me obviously 😉 ). It was her dream to run a bookstore in order to stay close to her passion for books. She had been into some relationships before but none on them last long and she was actually waiting for “the one”. On the other hand, Jim was an amazing chef and owned a deli. Saskia used to visit his deli daily for her lunch and for dessert she got to see him because she had a major crush on him for a very long time. As she didn’t know if he feels the same about her or not so she didn’t make the first move. Also when she saw another girl working in the deli and flirtling with Jim, she kinda backed off too. But when they met in a bar and exchanged their numbers the story began to take it’s pace. From there on, the heat was radiating from the book 😀

Later we found out that Jim also felt the same Saskia and he was eager to meet her outside the deli and be with her. Soon they were falling in love with each other and it was all rainbows and sunshine in the story. Jim also introduced her to his fantacies and let her express hers as well and together they begin to experience different new things and pretty much enjoyed everything. So we see them both travelling down their kinky road and discovered “The Real Thing”. Their relationship grew stronger day by day with the help of passion, fun, love, laughter. they both introduced each other to their families. Even moved in together untill it was the time for the book to end. And the end was only heartbreaking thing about this book. Like you just see Saskia being heartbroken and there seemed to be no way out for her like she was actually doomed. And it was so sad.

In the end, I would definitely recommend this to everyone but before you read it, make sure you’re in the mood to read an erotica because this one is VERY intense. The curiosity for the sequel is uplifted since I have finished this book. But overall it is included in my good books 😀

My favorite quote from this book was “What is the real thing? I thought about this a lot. It’s that feeling you get when you’re with someone, that happiness that they fill you with just by looking at their face, or being in their company”
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A Beauty So Cursed

This is the forth masterpiece of Beauty and The Beast series by Beena Khan and once again I am so honored to receive an ARC copy by her. She is one of those sweetheart authors who care about their readers as much as they care about their writings. This was one of its kind sorta series that I have ever read. The unpredictable plot, distinctive characters, smooth building of the story, connection between the characters throughout the story are the special qualities of Beena’s writing and whosoever has read her books can see this. This series consumes you so much that you are eager for the next part after reading one and you don’t even want it to end because you’re basically living in the story. At this point I think it would make a really good movie since the description of each scene, Beena has given, has its own level of perfection. Talking about this part, I think it fulfilled all my wishes I had listed from first book. A good end for Vlad’s story, a happy peaceful life for Dahlia, a good partner for Miran (coz we all know he deserved it since forever 😉 ), an emotional reunion for Roza, all of it. There is nothing left that I wish there could have been. It’s like the last piece of puzzle that we all wanted.

This part starts with the most wanted scene, reunion of Roza with her long lost son. When Miran took his half brother Vlad to their mother who was waiting her whole life to meet his son. The son, who she left to his father Enzo when he was only 1 year old. Vlad, who was told his mother was dead, was quite overwhelmed to find out that his mother is alive and he is meeting her too. During that meeting the bomb of marriage was exploded on Miran and the girl Lada was also presented to him. Miran straight away said no to the marriage proposal saying that Lada was just a little girl. Little did he know he was breaking her heart since she was already living with so many insecurities from childhood and now this rejection would tear her into pieces. She was told a very long time ago that she will be married off to Miran. After this rejection, Lada’s father set her marriage with a man twice her age who seemed like a child abuser and an assaulter who only agreed to marry her because he thought she was her property. Lada was against this marriage and she tried to resist her father first. When her father failed her, she tried to seek help from her brothers who disappointed her too by saying that because of the scars she has on her face or apparently the scars on her beauty are the reasons she is only suitable for such proposals. She accepted her fate and made it to the altar. Little did she know her life savor was on the way.

Miran, after rejecting Lada’s proposal was still concerned about her when he came to know who she was being married off to. He asked his cousin Alexander to stop the wedding but he didn’t help him so he crashed her wedding and stole the bride from there and my God what a dreamy scene was that… ! He was so determined to stop what was being done wrong and the courage he showed is I think what every girl wants in her life partner. Anyway, Lada’s hopes got high once again when she was saved from that disaster. There was a part of Miran in it too that Lada was once again confident that he wants her. Miran made sure she was kept safe wherever he kept her and her father’s men can’t find her. Lada was so irritated by this thing that Miran thinks she is a child and I loved how she removed that tag off her. Her petite innocent character turned into a bold and outspoken version and how she made her way to Miran’s heart was breathtaking. She pushed all the limits with an admirable confidence. Slowly their chemistry turned into a steamy romance and you don’t even know when your heart started melting for Miran’s soft side. I loved how Miran proved himself to be the perfect man for Lada which she actually deserved. Also not to forget Dahlia, who was going to be mom of twins, was an eternal beauty. She is finally living a happy life with Vlad. My heart was dancing with joy to see how much Vlad adored her. I loved it when Miran warned his cousin that Dahlia’s husband will poke his eyes out for gawking at her.

For the final note, I think this was the most satisfactory ending of the Beauty and The Beast series. Miran’s character was more of a fatherly person throughout, the caring and protective one, so I wanted to have a good love life for him from the first book and there it was here in this part. He has set a very high standard of husbands by making a huge library for Lada 😉 and he didn’t disappoint throughout the series. This part was less darker than the previous ones but overall it’s a bold romance series to read and you become a part of the story once you’re into it. A huge thanks to Beena for giving us all such great books ❤

My favorite quote from this book was “He’d never met someone who knew what to do with the fire behind his eyes. He’d passed by many souls, but his gaze collided with hers”
Let me know yours ❤

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