Our Story Ends Here

This beautiful story of love, fate and destiny is by Sara Naveed. She is the type of author who can make you fall in love with her book and you do not want to put it aside till you finish it. I myself read it in one night because of the amazing plot described in simple yet silky words. Her cinematic style of writing with a building plot makes the characters run in parallel and one does not lose the track. If you are a Pakistani, you’ll feel special attachment with this book as soon as you start reading it because Sara has mentioned milieu culture of Pakistan which includes our special cuisines, our dresses on different occasions, our love for music, our mesmerizing nature and most important of all our beautiful colorful weddings ❤ Another thing this book narrates is the evil side of terrorism. Every country is fighting against terrorism and it’s not something that only happens in Pakistan. Terrorists do not have a heart, let alone love for a country or any human.

Story begins with a bomb blast in which one of the lead character Mehar lost her brother. She was a daughter of an Army General. After this loss, whole family was disturbed and was finding a way to console themselves. Mehar was about to graduate and her friends planned a trip to Swat Valley. It was an opportunity for her to revisit her childhood memories but she was not sure if she would get the permission from her parents due to the incident and also because she was not used to travel alone. Meanwhile she got the news of her engagement being fixed with her cousin. She needed a time to herself through this trip. Anyway she got permission and went on the trip. On her way, the bus met an accident which led her to meet her childhood love Sarmad who also saved her. That accident shepherd them to meet Bari Appa to which Sarmad told that Mehar is his wife and they met an accident during their honeymoon. It was the only way in his mind to get help and treatment for her from local residents. Bari Appa treated her with immense care and asked them to stay at their place. They stayed in one room for eleven days. Though they fell in love at first sight but their affection grew stronger in that house and Mehar who has never gone out anywhere without family felt like home there. They attended a wedding there as well which was memorable for both of them.

Fate had written a different story for them. Sarmad was represented as a terrorist in the start, a secret agent in the middle and a true lover at the end of this book. He was living with the regret that he could not save Mehar’s brother Omer from the blast. He met him just before the blast and he said something to Sarmad which made him realize it was Mehar’s brother. Sarmad and Mehar were childhood friends but she has forgotten him. He was an orphan and was raised by his uncle who was a believer of violence. Sarmad never bought his reliance and was determined to end this chain of terrorism with his uncle. When he found Mehar again in Swat, he recognized her instantly and it reminded him of his childhood love. He was on a mission yet he put it aside for his love to save her life. Later on when Mehar found out his identity, she started believing he is the reason her brother is dead and started hating him without any second thought. When she gets home she was told by her father that Sarmad is his agent and working for Army and he did not intend to kill Omer, her faith in love restored. Her fiance Hamza also played an important role along with her father and Sarmad in this mission of arresting terrorists. Hamza’s character was very sweet and he let her go to her love when she told him the truth.

This book is full of suspense and gives you chills when the plot takes a twist. It gives us a message that love does not happen in a complicated situation, we make it complicated. Another beautiful thing this book has which makes readers fall for it is the use of Urdu language words like “Bari Appa” and “Noor on face” to show the intensity of every character and scene. Sara has written this with pure love and emotions and it definitely leaves you teary in the end. Though the plot looks predictable but it is not as one thinks it is. You will be eager to find out what happens next till the last line of book and this is the ultimate beauty of any good book. This book will make you believe in a place called “forever” ❤ Already having Sara’s books in my wish list after reading this one and I recommend you all romance readers to try this one.

My favorite quote from this book was
I have found life in you.’
‘And I have found my heaven in you.’ He told her

Let me know yours ❤

Message In A Bottle

For all those readers who think the best book of Nicholas Sparks is The Notebook, let me give you a spoiler this is no less than a masterpiece itself. Sparks is truly chronicler of hearts and if you believe love can be given another chance, you must read this one. He speaks of both fate and forgiveness in his fictional romance and yet it seems real and easy to read. You will be left with mixed emotions in the end. Author makes love easy to understand for everyone no matter what age group you belong and he offers audience a very moving and romantic yet simple story. Sparks really excels in love and romance no matter which book you read and he makes sure you see the other side of love. Not only his books are wonderful but movies based on his books are never disappointing. What makes this book really fascinating are the two main deep and poignant characters who belong to a far away land and still love unites them.

Destiny finds its way no matter what and Theresa, a 36 years old woman recovering from heartbreak and divorce, was a firm believer that miracles do happen. She was a hardworking columnist in Boston newspaper but she had trust issues after having involved in bad relationships and a failed marriage. David, her husband, who was a father of a twelve years old had extra marital affairs and when Theresa found out, she was shattered into million pieces. Story begins when she was on a vacation in Cape Cod seaside. A letter, inside a bottle, thrown to waves and fate could have ended up anywhere but it was Theresa who was the fortunate one to receive it. She opened it and found that letter was written 3 weeks earlier. She was completely melted by each and every word in the letter. Later she found out two more letters signed by the same person Garrett and sent to same recipient Catherine. The said person mentioned that it’s been 3 years since she has died and he couldn’t believe she is no more with him. It was his way of expressing his undying love through letters and even though he was not expecting a reply but still it gave him comfort to write to her. Theresa was eager to find who is Garrett and how it is to be loved by a person who has such strong feelings of love for his wife. Her best friend and editor Deanna and her husband convinced her to go find the mysterious guy and give her heart another chance in hopes that he could be the one.

Theresa goes to Wilmington to find Garrett and she was stunned to see he’s a handsome and quite good looking young man and not what she has expected him to be, old and graybeard. Soon they both had an exceptional chemistry and developed liking for each other which gave birth to a love affair between two. Garrett came and visited her on weekends and she did the same whenever she got days off. Her son was also happy in the presence of Garrett which a green signal for Teresa. Plot takes twist when he found his letters in her drawer and she explained why she came all the way to him. He felt betrayed and deemed that the affair with her was founded on a lie. He stormed out of her house in anger and pain. Back at home his father Jeb knew something was wrong in his life besides Catherine’s death and asked him to share. Garrett told him everything and instead of taking his side Jeb convinced him that he mishandled the situation. Theresa came to Wilmington again to fix things and met Jeb too but after a steamy encounter with Garrett she realized that she can never be Catherine for him and she should not force herself to be like that since Garrett had and everlasting image of Catherine’s love in his heart. They decided to part their ways and the end was even more pitiful with Theresa writing a painfully beautiful letter to Garrett.

This story is based on two people whose lives came together in a tale that resonates with deepest hopes for finding everlasting love. I recommend it to specially those who have been through a heartbreak in any way and have made their mind that love shouldn’t be given another chance. This book give a clear description of obstacles people face in their second relationship which are sensitive, wonderfully bittersweet and ultimately hopeful. And believe me you’d start trusting the fact that fate can be in your favor at any age and any place. Pro tip: if you are an emotional reader, keep a box of tissues near you while reading this one 😉

My most favorite quote of this book was from the last letter “This is not a goodbye, my darling, this is a thank you. Thank you for coming into my life and giving me joy, thank you for loving me and receiving my love in return. Thank you for the memories I will cherish forever. But most of all, thank you for showing me that there will come a time when I can eventually let you go“. Let me know yours ❤


When you hear the name Paulo Coelho, I’m pretty sure the first book that comes to your mind is Alchemist. But his most inspiring book for me is Brida. Paulo has magic in his words and stories. You get completely absorbed in the book and you feel like you’re in another world living the life of the lead character. While reading Paulo’s books, we need to pause and reflect on ourselves about how optimistic are we in our lives, do we feel the thirst for spiritual meaning of life or we are just inspired by the superficial world as it appears. This book shows struggle of an Irish girl Brida in the search of knowledge and her soulmate. Entire theme of this book revolves around how can we seek true meaning of our existence, God has created someone for us and it is solemnly up to us how we recognize our soulmate. If you read between the lines, this book clearly says that not everything we desire is good for us and in order to understand whys of life, we need guidance and light and most importantly one must have the desire to attain spiritual knowledge.

Brida desired to become a witch, she was informed she was a witch in her previous lives as well. Her character is very well narrated in this book. Her conflicts, temptations, desires, fears, longings and joys are beautifully described throughout the book. She wanted to get the knowledge of both visible and invisible worlds. She met a teacher Magnus who is the Teacher of the Tradition of the Sun. When he saw Brida he knew she is her soulmate yet he didn’t tell her and taught her to find it out herself how to look for your soulmate. Later on she met another teacher Wicca, who is a Teacher of the Tradition of the Moon. She taught her various mystic gizmos and hallucinations. She was the one to tell Brida that she was born a witch. She also taught her how to dance to the music of world. Brida had visions from her previous life to find out why she wanted to become a witch and why she thinks her lover is not her soulmate. The interesting facts in this books were that Magnus knew Brida is her soulmate yet he put her to test, which she passed but got annoyed, in order to take her as his student. And Wicca had the reason to take Brida as her student to see what Magnus sees in Brida and why a person like him agreed to take her as his student.

This book covers so many religious and spiritual aspects of life, the uncomfortable truths of existence, mysteries in the mind of human being, the world of witchcraft and the threads which binds humans to the discoveries of life. Paulo narrated how a young girl of 21 years overcomes her fears and is clear about her choices in life, how she craves for knowledge and wanted to become a biggest witch of her time. Another aspect that author described is that parents and teachers are human beings too, they can do mistakes, they can take wrong decisions, and they should be forgiven quickly too. Nobody is trained for the role they are playing in other’s life, everyone learns through experiences and faults. One more thing this book upskills us about is to sacrifice for your love. You cannot cage your love, neither you can force it to stay by your side. If you really love someone, if you know your soulmate, set them free. Let your soulmate decide if he/ she wants to be with you or not. True love is when you accept whatever your soulmate decides and be happy about it, be happy in whatever situation your love is happy in. Even though it hurts but at least you do not mean any harm to your soulmate in any way. Every human being is an individual identity in this world. If you understand this mystery, you’ll always be happy.

My favorite quote from this book is “You could tell your soulmate by the light in their eyes, and since the time began, that has been how people have recognized their true love” and I personally believe in this ❤ Let me know yours!

Love From A to Z

There is a very famous quote by Jhumpa Lahiri “That’s the thing about books. They let you travel without moving your feet.” But this book helped me revisit Qatar once again and nostalgia kept hitting me hard. Thanks to this great author S. K. Ali for keeping my Qatar memories fresh ❤ A very adorable, uncomplicated love story that makes you wanna have one like this of your own in real life especially if you’re a Muslim. This book actually shows physical intimacy is not necessary to make your love grow stronger and more powerful which is a quite a valuable lesson for life. A lot of things in this book are relatable to what we actually see in our routines and it gives a whole new perspective on love, religiosity, social obstacles and anger management. The way author described characters, their lives, their formulas of life, the scenes and places, it’s all just mesmerizing. You do not lose the track of story line while reading this. Usually when I start a book, it actually takes almost 10% of the book to finish so I can develop interest in it, but this one stole my heart in the first chapter and I was reading it while eating, cooking, during morning walks and whatnot. That’s how much I was attached to this book.

So people! story is based on the journal entries of Adam and Zayneb (yeap that’s why A to Z) who coincidentally wrote “Marvel and Oddity” in it. Zayneb was a short tempered hijabi girl in a world where people she met were Islamophobic and racists. She was angry for the right reasons and because she was outspoken she’d to face a lot to hatred especially from one of her teacher who, still in this time period thinks, all the terrorism in the world is because of Muslims and Islam teaches oppression and persecution of human rights. How wrong is it for a teacher or even any human, from any profession, to think like this. Zayneb being a teenager is forced to show her hatred towards this behavior of people she met but got herself in trouble at school for sharing her views. After she got suspended, she was guilty of putting her friends into trouble as well because her teacher tried to investigate about them too. Then her parents sent her to Doha, Qatar to spend some time with her aunt and try to improve her personality. Zayneb decided she will be at her best behavior there and she was.

At the airport there’s a boy named Adam who looked at Zayneb with blue scarf on her head and finds her cute. Later he found she has the same “Marvel and Oddity” journal with her which makes him more inclined towards her. He too was going to Doha from London with a lot of burden on his shoulders. He was diagnosed with MS, the same disease that killed his mom and now he has to tell this news to his father and younger sister. He was a sweet and calm boy who wanted to keep the memories of his mother alive for his family by doing things his mom used to teach him. Adam and Zayneb’s paths crossed once again when Zayneb and her aunt were invited to his house coincidentally. Both teens were surprised to see each other yet dancing with joy inside because both of them wanted to see each other again. Cute. Their honesty, family values, ability to cope with loss and their imperfections brought them closer. They started liking each other and they found out all the battles they both are fighting in their lives. This story gives you hope and develops longing for both the characters equally and how they were ready to stand by each other through thick and thin and they hurled every obstacle of their world. Also what makes this book more adorable is how they kept their relationship halal throughout and both of them had same views on it. S. K. Ali mentioned the reason why they both believe in this thing in a way that even if a Non-Muslim reads it, he/ she’ll understand and it’ll make sense.

Reasons, I loved this book so much, are a lot. A simple plot and not some typical cliche sorta thing in it. Every scene looks realistic and especially to me because I recently visited Qatar and I could recall all those things and places. It’s like I’m living this story and if a book makes you feel that, read it again and again whenever you feel down because books like “Love from A to Z” are a therapy ❤ No matter how many bumps were on their roads, you feel that they are meant to cross each other’s path. Another thing that makes it lovable was the fact that you don’t need physical touch of other person to love them. In order to touch the soul, you need to bury your sexual desires. And in order to have the purest form of love, you need to have pure intentions. Only then you’ll see how much the other person means to you and that’s the worthy lesson this book gave me. Every age group can relate to this book about how their first love gave them butterflies. I really really want you all to enjoy this book as much as I did and share with me what you’ve learnt from this.

My favorite quote from this book was “She turned, face full of life, eyes dancing with excitement, and I thought, Yeah she’s a marvel meant to be in my life“. Let me know yours ❤ Happy reading you all!

Love Story

Today I chose Love Story which is a love story by Erich Segal. This is really an adorable and cutesy little story that touches reader’s heart. I remember, I was so overwhelmed while reading this (and yes I cried when it ended). Then I got to know there’s a movie on it but obviously once you have read the book, movie seems like missing pieces of a puzzle yet giving the whole picture. Despite the fact it was a short story, I can clearly define my likes and dislikes in it. Yes most of you would only see it as the best romantic story ever but in some parts it doesn’t match the standards of modern love.

First, let’s get to the efficacious part. Story depicts two college students Ollie and Jenny who were head over heels in love with each other. Their story was simple, they met, they fell in love, they got married and then they got separated. Two people from two completely different worlds created a whole new universe of their own and then left it in search of heaven. At a very early stage they decided to start off their lives together even though Oliver’s father disapproved of this marriage and he had a valid reason to complete his studies and get a respectable job first. But Ollie being a brat and stubborn towards his father, decided to leave his family, get married and live with Jennifer in a far away land. My favorite character was Jenny’s father Phil who was the “cool dad” always ready to listen, always sharing optimistic thoughts and giving out positive vibes on the whole. Anyway, the two lovebirds started their lives with hardships and sacrifices, basically deprived of everything except the unconditional love of their partner. Their love demanded giving up on one’s dream to fulfill other’s ambitions but they upheld each other nonetheless. Finally when Ollie got a job and everything looked ideal, they decided to start their family but little did they know what was coming on their way. They fought their life’s biggest tragedy with as much strength as two people can bear together and accepted the fate with teary eyes yet bright smiles. I think this is what true love deserves, two people sticking to each other no matter what and accepting what destiny holds. Their funny and sarcastic comments kept the wittiness of their relationship alive throughout.

There were a few things which are questionable in this book. Ollie came from a rich family and was in Harvard School while Jennifer was from a middle class family and was passionate about music and wanted to go to Paris for her studies . Both of them had plans for future like every normal human being. When their love had to face unluckiness Ollie persuaded her to give up on her dreams and start a job to keep up their house and Ollie’s educational expenses. Of course when you’re in love, you want the best for your partner but Ollie’s mere reason was he came from a Barrett Family and all the members were alumni of Harvard and to keep the family name he cannot abandon his career. This might not be a very reasonable thing to do to your partner in this era. I’m not saying the enthusiasm to sacrifice for your love has lost in modern romance but I think everyone wants both their career and love life to go side by side without meddling with each other. The other part which was a little disturbing for me was the swearing language Ollie and Jenny used for each other. I feel that your love can delightfully impact your partner when you use cute and treacly words instead of “bitch and bastard” for each other. You can still be corny and spicy without the use of abusive words because there should always be an element of respect in both partners.

Despite all these things this book is touching hearts of readers since last 50 years which is pretty amazing when a story is this short and hurrying in every phase.The reason for this being so popular was it showed the altruism of a couple for their immense love over different social and personal choices. The book that breaks your heart is one of the bests. And this one actually makes you think how much you can let go of yourself to complete your better half. I’d still recommend it to those who haven’t read it yet and share your thoughts with me.

My favorite quote from this book was “True love comes quietly, without banners or flashing lights. If you hear bells, get your ears checked“. Let me know yours ❤

The Forty Rules of Love

Most of you would think this is just a mainstream or basic novel and whenever you ask a book reader he/she”ll mention this but honestly I chose to write this book’s review as my first one because this was the first novel I’ve read and this made me a habitual reader. Of course all thanks to Elif Shafak. Her writing style and the choice of words is amazing. Especially if you’re into Sufism you must read this book first. The sequence in which story progresses, not only interest but curiosity is developed. Each character is well narrated so one can easily create images in the mind that are easy to remember too. Main theme of this book is to show how one can live a life that’s rational and coherent. It simply depicts that matters of life can be dealt spiritually and not emotionally all the time. Not only brains, but hearts can be used wisely as well.

Well readers this book is divided into two main parts. One where a 40 years old Ella, a house wife and a mother of three children, realizes that she is unhappily married and losing interest in her routine and she wants to give her career a new start. She gets her first book “Sweet Blasphemy” to report on, which is based on spiritual love. At first she was hesitant to read it because it has the story of 13th century poet Rumi and his companion Shams. She felt it would be of no interest because already her life seems perforated and now a spiritual book does not seem to fit in. But once she started, she was so much captivated that she wanted to talk more about it with its author Aziz and hence she started writing emails to him. In those exchanged emails their conversation grew so profound that Ella starts considering Aziz as her spiritual teacher just as Sham was for Rumi. She felt how she has settled for a life that lacks true essence of love and she was ready to give up on her dull present for the person who has removed her blindfold.

The other part leads us back to history of 13th century where Rumi met Shams and he realized how much he is confided in social, cultural and religious norms. Though he was successful in his teaching life but felt there is void that can only be filled when all those boundaries, which one creates around himself, are broken. This was exactly what Shams taught him, though he created danger for himself on the way but he was fearless of it all. Those forty rules were the main components of his teachings. These rules were his main belief on why God has created human life and what purpose do we have on this earth. It all narrows down to one thing, “Love”. One is not just supposed to fulfill social demands but also what the soul needs. Shams taught Rumi to find God in places where He’s least expected to be because this is the only way to learn about inner self. One must only have the fear of God and then all other fellow beings seem harmless and united under the roof of love. The goal of Shams was to direct Rumi towards the path of light despite all the hatred, apathy, resistance and resentment from family and society and awaken his soul to lead a life that he was meant to live.

Both Shams and Aziz, set Rumi and Ella free of their self created extremities in the light of love. Elif made sure that not only her male characters are strong but females are also equally fearless of social bounds. And hence this novel shows human beings are interconnected with kindness, understanding and empathy and how beautifully Islam has been teaching this since ages. It actually changes one’s perspective about life which is I think the main purpose of a book.

My favorite quote from this book is “The universe turns differently when fire loves water“. Let me know yours 🙂

My First Ever Blog

Hello bookworms out there! I have no words to explain how
excited I am right now. My name is Aamna Jamil and just like you all, I love to
read even when I don’t have time. I try to read different genres but
romance is the one I find most interesting so I’ve read a plenty of romantic
novels and you may find the list of books I have read in the menu.

I used to post stories of my favorite quotes from the book I’m reading and
believe me there were a lot of stories in a day. Then my family and friends suggested
about starting my own blog and I found this idea quite compelling. After
thinking a lot about what my blog is gonna be about, I finally came to a
conclusion that I’d write my personal views about the book I’ve read, writing
style of the author and what impact did that book have on me. And trust me I’m
not gonna spoil the story because I know how disappointing that is for a book

I have my own kindle and it still has almost 50 unread books in it because
you know life’s short and there are so many books to read. Also hard copies are
also there in my bookshelf so you can see I’m comfortable with both soft &
hard copies. You can let me know in the comments how helpful my review was,
what do you think about the book if you’ve already read it, or if you want me
write a review about a specific book, you’re always welcome to tell me. I’ll
take 3-4 days to complete the book and write about it. Meanwhile I’ll be
writing about those I’ve read in the past so you can expect a review once or
twice a week. Feel free to contact me through my Instagram and Facebook page,
links are already mentioned. If you want a soft copy of any book from my list, I’ll be more than happy to share it with you. Really eager to start writing reviews.

Let me know your most and least favorite book you’ve read so far, your favorite genre, favorite author, how many languages you can read and whatever you wanna share with me. Also if you’re comfortable with your kindle, phone, tablet & laptop or you’re old school and stick to hard copies because I know both have equal importance in a reader’s life.

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