My First Ever Blog

Hello bookworms out there! I have no words to explain how
excited I am right now. My name is Aamna Jamil and just like you all, I love to
read even when I don’t have time. I try to read different genres but
romance is the one I find most interesting so I’ve read a plenty of romantic
novels and you may find the list of books I have read in the menu.

I used to post stories of my favorite quotes from the book I’m reading and
believe me there were a lot of stories in a day. Then my family and friends suggested
about starting my own blog and I found this idea quite compelling. After
thinking a lot about what my blog is gonna be about, I finally came to a
conclusion that I’d write my personal views about the book I’ve read, writing
style of the author and what impact did that book have on me. And trust me I’m
not gonna spoil the story because I know how disappointing that is for a book

I have my own kindle and it still has almost 50 unread books in it because
you know life’s short and there are so many books to read. Also hard copies are
also there in my bookshelf so you can see I’m comfortable with both soft &
hard copies. You can let me know in the comments how helpful my review was,
what do you think about the book if you’ve already read it, or if you want me
write a review about a specific book, you’re always welcome to tell me. I’ll
take 3-4 days to complete the book and write about it. Meanwhile I’ll be
writing about those I’ve read in the past so you can expect a review once or
twice a week. Feel free to contact me through my Instagram and Facebook page,
links are already mentioned. If you want a soft copy of any book from my list, I’ll be more than happy to share it with you. Really eager to start writing reviews.

Let me know your most and least favorite book you’ve read so far, your favorite genre, favorite author, how many languages you can read and whatever you wanna share with me. Also if you’re comfortable with your kindle, phone, tablet & laptop or you’re old school and stick to hard copies because I know both have equal importance in a reader’s life.

Published by aamnasbookshelf

Hey everyone! My name is Aamna. I like to read books a lot. My favorite animal is cat (but I don't have one). I write reviews about books I read to pen down how I feel about them, in hopes that it'll help someone else out as well. My favorite genre is romance. I would love to read your views and suggestions. Oh and I like my coffee black!

25 thoughts on “My First Ever Blog

  1. I prefer hardcopies because of my learning style. My favourite genre is personal development and my favourite book is Way of Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman.
    Looking forward to read your reviews.

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