Love Story

Today I chose Love Story which is a love story by Erich Segal. This is really an adorable and cutesy little story that touches reader’s heart. I remember, I was so overwhelmed while reading this (and yes I cried when it ended). Then I got to know there’s a movie on it but obviously once you have read the book, movie seems like missing pieces of a puzzle yet giving the whole picture. Despite the fact it was a short story, I can clearly define my likes and dislikes in it. Yes most of you would only see it as the best romantic story ever but in some parts it doesn’t match the standards of modern love.

First, let’s get to the efficacious part. Story depicts two college students Ollie and Jenny who were head over heels in love with each other. Their story was simple, they met, they fell in love, they got married and then they got separated. Two people from two completely different worlds created a whole new universe of their own and then left it in search of heaven. At a very early stage they decided to start off their lives together even though Oliver’s father disapproved of this marriage and he had a valid reason to complete his studies and get a respectable job first. But Ollie being a brat and stubborn towards his father, decided to leave his family, get married and live with Jennifer in a far away land. My favorite character was Jenny’s father Phil who was the “cool dad” always ready to listen, always sharing optimistic thoughts and giving out positive vibes on the whole. Anyway, the two lovebirds started their lives with hardships and sacrifices, basically deprived of everything except the unconditional love of their partner. Their love demanded giving up on one’s dream to fulfill other’s ambitions but they upheld each other nonetheless. Finally when Ollie got a job and everything looked ideal, they decided to start their family but little did they know what was coming on their way. They fought their life’s biggest tragedy with as much strength as two people can bear together and accepted the fate with teary eyes yet bright smiles. I think this is what true love deserves, two people sticking to each other no matter what and accepting what destiny holds. Their funny and sarcastic comments kept the wittiness of their relationship alive throughout.

There were a few things which are questionable in this book. Ollie came from a rich family and was in Harvard School while Jennifer was from a middle class family and was passionate about music and wanted to go to Paris for her studies . Both of them had plans for future like every normal human being. When their love had to face unluckiness Ollie persuaded her to give up on her dreams and start a job to keep up their house and Ollie’s educational expenses. Of course when you’re in love, you want the best for your partner but Ollie’s mere reason was he came from a Barrett Family and all the members were alumni of Harvard and to keep the family name he cannot abandon his career. This might not be a very reasonable thing to do to your partner in this era. I’m not saying the enthusiasm to sacrifice for your love has lost in modern romance but I think everyone wants both their career and love life to go side by side without meddling with each other. The other part which was a little disturbing for me was the swearing language Ollie and Jenny used for each other. I feel that your love can delightfully impact your partner when you use cute and treacly words instead of “bitch and bastard” for each other. You can still be corny and spicy without the use of abusive words because there should always be an element of respect in both partners.

Despite all these things this book is touching hearts of readers since last 50 years which is pretty amazing when a story is this short and hurrying in every phase.The reason for this being so popular was it showed the altruism of a couple for their immense love over different social and personal choices. The book that breaks your heart is one of the bests. And this one actually makes you think how much you can let go of yourself to complete your better half. I’d still recommend it to those who haven’t read it yet and share your thoughts with me.

My favorite quote from this book was “True love comes quietly, without banners or flashing lights. If you hear bells, get your ears checked“. Let me know yours ❤

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Hey everyone! My name is Aamna. I like to read books a lot. My favorite animal is cat (but I don't have one). I write reviews about books I read to pen down how I feel about them, in hopes that it'll help someone else out as well. My favorite genre is romance. I would love to read your views and suggestions. Oh and I like my coffee black!

11 thoughts on “Love Story

  1. The quote you wrote at the end is good. And the point you mentioned where Ollie persuaded Jenny to give up on her dreams that is one of the most disturbing stereotypes of our society that woman has to sacrifice more to build a relationship.

    Awesome review and keep it up.

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