Love From A to Z

There is a very famous quote by Jhumpa Lahiri “That’s the thing about books. They let you travel without moving your feet.” But this book helped me revisit Qatar once again and nostalgia kept hitting me hard. Thanks to this great author S. K. Ali for keeping my Qatar memories fresh ❤ A very adorable, uncomplicated love story that makes you wanna have one like this of your own in real life especially if you’re a Muslim. This book actually shows physical intimacy is not necessary to make your love grow stronger and more powerful which is a quite a valuable lesson for life. A lot of things in this book are relatable to what we actually see in our routines and it gives a whole new perspective on love, religiosity, social obstacles and anger management. The way author described characters, their lives, their formulas of life, the scenes and places, it’s all just mesmerizing. You do not lose the track of story line while reading this. Usually when I start a book, it actually takes almost 10% of the book to finish so I can develop interest in it, but this one stole my heart in the first chapter and I was reading it while eating, cooking, during morning walks and whatnot. That’s how much I was attached to this book.

So people! story is based on the journal entries of Adam and Zayneb (yeap that’s why A to Z) who coincidentally wrote “Marvel and Oddity” in it. Zayneb was a short tempered hijabi girl in a world where people she met were Islamophobic and racists. She was angry for the right reasons and because she was outspoken she’d to face a lot to hatred especially from one of her teacher who, still in this time period thinks, all the terrorism in the world is because of Muslims and Islam teaches oppression and persecution of human rights. How wrong is it for a teacher or even any human, from any profession, to think like this. Zayneb being a teenager is forced to show her hatred towards this behavior of people she met but got herself in trouble at school for sharing her views. After she got suspended, she was guilty of putting her friends into trouble as well because her teacher tried to investigate about them too. Then her parents sent her to Doha, Qatar to spend some time with her aunt and try to improve her personality. Zayneb decided she will be at her best behavior there and she was.

At the airport there’s a boy named Adam who looked at Zayneb with blue scarf on her head and finds her cute. Later he found she has the same “Marvel and Oddity” journal with her which makes him more inclined towards her. He too was going to Doha from London with a lot of burden on his shoulders. He was diagnosed with MS, the same disease that killed his mom and now he has to tell this news to his father and younger sister. He was a sweet and calm boy who wanted to keep the memories of his mother alive for his family by doing things his mom used to teach him. Adam and Zayneb’s paths crossed once again when Zayneb and her aunt were invited to his house coincidentally. Both teens were surprised to see each other yet dancing with joy inside because both of them wanted to see each other again. Cute. Their honesty, family values, ability to cope with loss and their imperfections brought them closer. They started liking each other and they found out all the battles they both are fighting in their lives. This story gives you hope and develops longing for both the characters equally and how they were ready to stand by each other through thick and thin and they hurled every obstacle of their world. Also what makes this book more adorable is how they kept their relationship halal throughout and both of them had same views on it. S. K. Ali mentioned the reason why they both believe in this thing in a way that even if a Non-Muslim reads it, he/ she’ll understand and it’ll make sense.

Reasons, I loved this book so much, are a lot. A simple plot and not some typical cliche sorta thing in it. Every scene looks realistic and especially to me because I recently visited Qatar and I could recall all those things and places. It’s like I’m living this story and if a book makes you feel that, read it again and again whenever you feel down because books like “Love from A to Z” are a therapy ❤ No matter how many bumps were on their roads, you feel that they are meant to cross each other’s path. Another thing that makes it lovable was the fact that you don’t need physical touch of other person to love them. In order to touch the soul, you need to bury your sexual desires. And in order to have the purest form of love, you need to have pure intentions. Only then you’ll see how much the other person means to you and that’s the worthy lesson this book gave me. Every age group can relate to this book about how their first love gave them butterflies. I really really want you all to enjoy this book as much as I did and share with me what you’ve learnt from this.

My favorite quote from this book was “She turned, face full of life, eyes dancing with excitement, and I thought, Yeah she’s a marvel meant to be in my life“. Let me know yours ❤ Happy reading you all!

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