When you hear the name Paulo Coelho, I’m pretty sure the first book that comes to your mind is Alchemist. But his most inspiring book for me is Brida. Paulo has magic in his words and stories. You get completely absorbed in the book and you feel like you’re in another world living the life of the lead character. While reading Paulo’s books, we need to pause and reflect on ourselves about how optimistic are we in our lives, do we feel the thirst for spiritual meaning of life or we are just inspired by the superficial world as it appears. This book shows struggle of an Irish girl Brida in the search of knowledge and her soulmate. Entire theme of this book revolves around how can we seek true meaning of our existence, God has created someone for us and it is solemnly up to us how we recognize our soulmate. If you read between the lines, this book clearly says that not everything we desire is good for us and in order to understand whys of life, we need guidance and light and most importantly one must have the desire to attain spiritual knowledge.

Brida desired to become a witch, she was informed she was a witch in her previous lives as well. Her character is very well narrated in this book. Her conflicts, temptations, desires, fears, longings and joys are beautifully described throughout the book. She wanted to get the knowledge of both visible and invisible worlds. She met a teacher Magnus who is the Teacher of the Tradition of the Sun. When he saw Brida he knew she is her soulmate yet he didn’t tell her and taught her to find it out herself how to look for your soulmate. Later on she met another teacher Wicca, who is a Teacher of the Tradition of the Moon. She taught her various mystic gizmos and hallucinations. She was the one to tell Brida that she was born a witch. She also taught her how to dance to the music of world. Brida had visions from her previous life to find out why she wanted to become a witch and why she thinks her lover is not her soulmate. The interesting facts in this books were that Magnus knew Brida is her soulmate yet he put her to test, which she passed but got annoyed, in order to take her as his student. And Wicca had the reason to take Brida as her student to see what Magnus sees in Brida and why a person like him agreed to take her as his student.

This book covers so many religious and spiritual aspects of life, the uncomfortable truths of existence, mysteries in the mind of human being, the world of witchcraft and the threads which binds humans to the discoveries of life. Paulo narrated how a young girl of 21 years overcomes her fears and is clear about her choices in life, how she craves for knowledge and wanted to become a biggest witch of her time. Another aspect that author described is that parents and teachers are human beings too, they can do mistakes, they can take wrong decisions, and they should be forgiven quickly too. Nobody is trained for the role they are playing in other’s life, everyone learns through experiences and faults. One more thing this book upskills us about is to sacrifice for your love. You cannot cage your love, neither you can force it to stay by your side. If you really love someone, if you know your soulmate, set them free. Let your soulmate decide if he/ she wants to be with you or not. True love is when you accept whatever your soulmate decides and be happy about it, be happy in whatever situation your love is happy in. Even though it hurts but at least you do not mean any harm to your soulmate in any way. Every human being is an individual identity in this world. If you understand this mystery, you’ll always be happy.

My favorite quote from this book is “You could tell your soulmate by the light in their eyes, and since the time began, that has been how people have recognized their true love” and I personally believe in this ❤ Let me know yours!

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