Message In A Bottle

For all those readers who think the best book of Nicholas Sparks is The Notebook, let me give you a spoiler this is no less than a masterpiece itself. Sparks is truly chronicler of hearts and if you believe love can be given another chance, you must read this one. He speaks of both fate and forgiveness in his fictional romance and yet it seems real and easy to read. You will be left with mixed emotions in the end. Author makes love easy to understand for everyone no matter what age group you belong and he offers audience a very moving and romantic yet simple story. Sparks really excels in love and romance no matter which book you read and he makes sure you see the other side of love. Not only his books are wonderful but movies based on his books are never disappointing. What makes this book really fascinating are the two main deep and poignant characters who belong to a far away land and still love unites them.

Destiny finds its way no matter what and Theresa, a 36 years old woman recovering from heartbreak and divorce, was a firm believer that miracles do happen. She was a hardworking columnist in Boston newspaper but she had trust issues after having involved in bad relationships and a failed marriage. David, her husband, who was a father of a twelve years old had extra marital affairs and when Theresa found out, she was shattered into million pieces. Story begins when she was on a vacation in Cape Cod seaside. A letter, inside a bottle, thrown to waves and fate could have ended up anywhere but it was Theresa who was the fortunate one to receive it. She opened it and found that letter was written 3 weeks earlier. She was completely melted by each and every word in the letter. Later she found out two more letters signed by the same person Garrett and sent to same recipient Catherine. The said person mentioned that it’s been 3 years since she has died and he couldn’t believe she is no more with him. It was his way of expressing his undying love through letters and even though he was not expecting a reply but still it gave him comfort to write to her. Theresa was eager to find who is Garrett and how it is to be loved by a person who has such strong feelings of love for his wife. Her best friend and editor Deanna and her husband convinced her to go find the mysterious guy and give her heart another chance in hopes that he could be the one.

Theresa goes to Wilmington to find Garrett and she was stunned to see he’s a handsome and quite good looking young man and not what she has expected him to be, old and graybeard. Soon they both had an exceptional chemistry and developed liking for each other which gave birth to a love affair between two. Garrett came and visited her on weekends and she did the same whenever she got days off. Her son was also happy in the presence of Garrett which a green signal for Teresa. Plot takes twist when he found his letters in her drawer and she explained why she came all the way to him. He felt betrayed and deemed that the affair with her was founded on a lie. He stormed out of her house in anger and pain. Back at home his father Jeb knew something was wrong in his life besides Catherine’s death and asked him to share. Garrett told him everything and instead of taking his side Jeb convinced him that he mishandled the situation. Theresa came to Wilmington again to fix things and met Jeb too but after a steamy encounter with Garrett she realized that she can never be Catherine for him and she should not force herself to be like that since Garrett had and everlasting image of Catherine’s love in his heart. They decided to part their ways and the end was even more pitiful with Theresa writing a painfully beautiful letter to Garrett.

This story is based on two people whose lives came together in a tale that resonates with deepest hopes for finding everlasting love. I recommend it to specially those who have been through a heartbreak in any way and have made their mind that love shouldn’t be given another chance. This book give a clear description of obstacles people face in their second relationship which are sensitive, wonderfully bittersweet and ultimately hopeful. And believe me you’d start trusting the fact that fate can be in your favor at any age and any place. Pro tip: if you are an emotional reader, keep a box of tissues near you while reading this one 😉

My most favorite quote of this book was from the last letter “This is not a goodbye, my darling, this is a thank you. Thank you for coming into my life and giving me joy, thank you for loving me and receiving my love in return. Thank you for the memories I will cherish forever. But most of all, thank you for showing me that there will come a time when I can eventually let you go“. Let me know yours ❤

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