Our Story Ends Here

This beautiful story of love, fate and destiny is by Sara Naveed. She is the type of author who can make you fall in love with her book and you do not want to put it aside till you finish it. I myself read it in one night because of the amazing plot described in simple yet silky words. Her cinematic style of writing with a building plot makes the characters run in parallel and one does not lose the track. If you are a Pakistani, you’ll feel special attachment with this book as soon as you start reading it because Sara has mentioned milieu culture of Pakistan which includes our special cuisines, our dresses on different occasions, our love for music, our mesmerizing nature and most important of all our beautiful colorful weddings ❤ Another thing this book narrates is the evil side of terrorism. Every country is fighting against terrorism and it’s not something that only happens in Pakistan. Terrorists do not have a heart, let alone love for a country or any human.

Story begins with a bomb blast in which one of the lead character Mehar lost her brother. She was a daughter of an Army General. After this loss, whole family was disturbed and was finding a way to console themselves. Mehar was about to graduate and her friends planned a trip to Swat Valley. It was an opportunity for her to revisit her childhood memories but she was not sure if she would get the permission from her parents due to the incident and also because she was not used to travel alone. Meanwhile she got the news of her engagement being fixed with her cousin. She needed a time to herself through this trip. Anyway she got permission and went on the trip. On her way, the bus met an accident which led her to meet her childhood love Sarmad who also saved her. That accident shepherd them to meet Bari Appa to which Sarmad told that Mehar is his wife and they met an accident during their honeymoon. It was the only way in his mind to get help and treatment for her from local residents. Bari Appa treated her with immense care and asked them to stay at their place. They stayed in one room for eleven days. Though they fell in love at first sight but their affection grew stronger in that house and Mehar who has never gone out anywhere without family felt like home there. They attended a wedding there as well which was memorable for both of them.

Fate had written a different story for them. Sarmad was represented as a terrorist in the start, a secret agent in the middle and a true lover at the end of this book. He was living with the regret that he could not save Mehar’s brother Omer from the blast. He met him just before the blast and he said something to Sarmad which made him realize it was Mehar’s brother. Sarmad and Mehar were childhood friends but she has forgotten him. He was an orphan and was raised by his uncle who was a believer of violence. Sarmad never bought his reliance and was determined to end this chain of terrorism with his uncle. When he found Mehar again in Swat, he recognized her instantly and it reminded him of his childhood love. He was on a mission yet he put it aside for his love to save her life. Later on when Mehar found out his identity, she started believing he is the reason her brother is dead and started hating him without any second thought. When she gets home she was told by her father that Sarmad is his agent and working for Army and he did not intend to kill Omer, her faith in love restored. Her fiance Hamza also played an important role along with her father and Sarmad in this mission of arresting terrorists. Hamza’s character was very sweet and he let her go to her love when she told him the truth.

This book is full of suspense and gives you chills when the plot takes a twist. It gives us a message that love does not happen in a complicated situation, we make it complicated. Another beautiful thing this book has which makes readers fall for it is the use of Urdu language words like “Bari Appa” and “Noor on face” to show the intensity of every character and scene. Sara has written this with pure love and emotions and it definitely leaves you teary in the end. Though the plot looks predictable but it is not as one thinks it is. You will be eager to find out what happens next till the last line of book and this is the ultimate beauty of any good book. This book will make you believe in a place called “forever” ❤ Already having Sara’s books in my wish list after reading this one and I recommend you all romance readers to try this one.

My favorite quote from this book was
I have found life in you.’
‘And I have found my heaven in you.’ He told her

Let me know yours ❤

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Hey everyone! My name is Aamna. I like to read books a lot. My favorite animal is cat (but I don't have one). I write reviews about books I read to pen down how I feel about them, in hopes that it'll help someone else out as well. My favorite genre is romance. I would love to read your views and suggestions. Oh and I like my coffee black!

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  1. Hi Aamna, lovely review you wrote here! I really liked your comments on the books and though I am not much of a romance reader, I want to dive into it now 🙂

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