P.S, I Love You

This is the debut novel of Cecelia Ahern who was 21 years old when she wrote this book. Although she was very young but the way she pictured love between two characters, how the grief of losing someone looks like and how devastating it is to see your loved ones die. Cecelia made sure this novel is easy to read and absorb every happening for the readers with complete emotions. Once you start reading, you will find out how artistically this has been written and I am sure it will fill your eyes and warms your heart too just like happened to me. It tells you that life does not stop after losing your love, it changes most definitely but it totally depends on the person going through sadness how he/she wants to recover from it. This book will tell you in the most emotional way how it is to lose the love of your life and how to regain strength after it. We are all emotionally dependent on one another and this novel tells us that comfort can come from the same person who causes the heartache.

The story revolves around two characters Holly and Gerry. A very typical cute start of the novel with two kids who were neighbors and friends since forever and later developed affection for each other. They both got married and like every normal couple they faced good days and bad days. They fought and adored each other side by side but most importantly fell for each other more and more with every passing day. The young couple went through a major disaster of their lives when Gerry was diagnosed with brain tumor and he died at a very young age. Holy who only had Gerry in her life throughout was set back from his sudden death. She faced days where she couldn’t get up to eat or bath or do routine chores because she never experienced loneliness in her life. Gerry was her love, her best friend and had been her partner in every phase of life so her suffering was natural. Meanwhile she was fed up of the society who kept telling her to get back up and face life again like a normal person. She felt as if after losing Gerry, her right to shed tears was gone too by the standards of her close ones. She obviously was not ready to face life yet and needed a push which people around her could not provide.

On Holy’s 30th birthday, she got a call from her mother telling her that she has a package named for her and she should get it ASAP. When Holy opened the package she was stunned to see Gerry’s letters to her for each month after his death. Quickly she opened the first letter of the month and was relieved to hear from him as if that was the only thing she needed. What Gerry did in those letters was played a happy little game with Holy to show her that he is looking down at her from heaven. His letters showed that he kinda knew she would be in such a condition so he helped her motivate through that phase of life. Every month she opened a letter and was filled with encouragement to move on with her life. Everyone is in need of a guardian angel and how beautiful it would be that the person you just lost becomes one for you and help you. Gerry knew he would not survive from this disease and he knew people he was leaving behind will be having a hard time but at the same time he did not want them all to be unhappy forever specially Holy. So he taught her the lesson that after you go through the heartbreak it is necessary to get back up not only for others but for yourself first. He made sure that she would walk on the sunny side of the road always and feel life once again even he was no more physically around.

So readers this is a novel about how to let go of what you have been holding on for a very long time. This shows that no matter what you do, you have to accept what has happened, you have every right to be in affliction but once you cope with the dilemma you have to emerge as a stronger person than ever. This novel has a little amateur and unrealistic approach of healing after a disastrous heartbreak like it’s not time specified that you will be back to normal after 10 months or 6 months but the beauty of the words covers all the flaws. A kind of warning for emotional reader that it will make you miss Gerry throughout the novel as if he was your husband and love of life πŸ˜€ But on the other side this will make you appreciate your loved ones more after completing it. And one last thing, anyone who wishes to watch the movie, DON’T, Read book first.

My favorite quote from this novel was “You don’t marry someone you can live with, you marry the person you cannot live without” ❀
Let me know yours πŸ™‚

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