This contemporary romance novel is by Sarah Ockler. It seems like another book about cooking but trust me it has much more to offer. It’s my first book of Sarah and I absolutely loved it because of her narrative style and simple characters and a moving story. Author’s illustrations about everything from a simple snowfall to a cupcake icing was indeed very majestic. Although the story revolves around the life of a girl Hudson but every single detail about her issues with her career, family, friends and relationship is perfectly put into a story. There comes a point while reading you feel heartbroken yourself but you get put back slowly when it progresses to end. The cutest thing about this book is every chapter starts with the name of a very interesting cupcake concoction and has a little detail about it as well that will make you crave for that cupcake.

So the story was about Hudson, a 17 years old girl who was struggling through her life at a very young age with so many things at once with the dream of becoming a renown figure skater. There was a time when she thought her life was all sorted and at ease but when her father moved away the whole image in her mind was upside down. She was asked by her mother to help her run the bakery, continue the school and babysit her 8 years old younger brother all at once. She was expert in cupcakes with a lot of mix-up recipes and surprisingly they always turned out mouthwatering but she was living a life that she didn’t want and she didn’t think of second chances as an option as well. She was torn between two halves, one ached for her mother’s suffering and wanted to give her life she never had and the second half was worried about her own future, her goals, her wishes and passion for skating that she could not seem to pursue. These things make her character both terrified and hopeful. She was dealing with her mother’s taunt, her best friend’s betrayal and skating practices with demanding school work but her little brother was really adorable and supportive of her.

Things take a turn when Hudson got to know about a huge scholarship for local skater and she found the hidden spark in her. She finally saw her ticket to her future life as she wanted. During her plans to escape she ran into a guy called Josh who made a deal with her that she would help not only him but whole school hockey team to get their skills upgraded and in return she will get the ring to practice. During this deal they fell in love with each other but there is a love triangle too in this book. When things get more hectic at work and she found less time for her practices, she started thinking is it all worth the efforts she was putting in and what if she fails despite these attempts. There comes a point when she was left to decide one thing among a huge cupcake order, championship hockey game, diner inspection and ice skating scholarship competition, as to which side her heart is inclined the most. At first Hudson’s character isn’t much likable as it appears that she is very self absorbed but when you continue to read and get to know about her life you understand her pretty well with all the lively conversations of characters.

Good thing about this novel is that it can be categorized as cute cupcake romance theme novel or sports or a small town story and the depth about everything with the touch of humor is what makes this book an interesting read. The main ingredients of this book, family, heartbreak, triumph, romance, humor and betrayal, are what we can all relate to our lives as well. Parents should not be too hard on their children as to suppress their dreams and hopes. Their relationship with spouse should not effect their child so much that the kid forgets how is it like to be young and carefree for once. Also no matter which age group you belong, do not self punish yourself up to a level to let go of what you love, it’s not something favorable for human nature 🙂

My favorite quote from this book was “But once in a while, you pick the right thing, the exact best thing. Every day, the moment you open your eyes and pull off your blankets, that’s what you hope for. The sunshine on your face, warm enough to make you heart sing. ” ❤
Let me know yours 🙂

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Hey everyone! My name is Aamna. I like to read books a lot. My favorite animal is cat (but I don't have one). I write reviews about books I read to pen down how I feel about them, in hopes that it'll help someone else out as well. My favorite genre is romance. I would love to read your views and suggestions. Oh and I like my coffee black!

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