Once Upon An Eid

This really cute book is a compilation of 15 stories by 15 different voices compiled by two most brilliant authors S. K. Ali and Aisha Saeed. I cannot put into words how each story touched my heart and how much I loved reading it in one-go. This gives us all a message of true Muslim spirit through every story. Stories are short but with deep message. Even if you are a Muslim to read this one, read it during Ramzan near Eid and you will feel like living every single story and you will find out about cultures of other fellow Muslims and their lives around Eid from a different part of world. Eid’s blessings are for everyone and this book portrays in a very cute way how people of different class and background share it with each other. All the stories have one common message about how our Iman should be as pure as crystal. For my non-Muslim readers, you should read it and get to know what Eid is for us and why we celebrate it. Every story has a happy adorable ending and it makes you so peaceful to read. Diverse compilation beautifies this book completely ❤

Let me go through each story quickly in a couple of lines. In the story Perfect, Mandinka culture is elaborated. Cute fights of cousins and excitement on a day before Eid is described in a sweet way. In Yusuf and the Great Big Brownie Mistake, the story of a boy who wants to make brownies is told, a little bit of siblings rivalry but not to a point of fight but overall a simple sweet message was given. Next Kareem Means ‘Generous’, gave the best message and was my most favorite story. It tells how a kid makes a decision and is rewarded for his sacrifice. In Don’ut Break Tradition, story touched my heart since I have seen similar situation at my home too but the overall emotional journey from sadness to happiness left me in awe. In Just Like Chest Armor, a young girl excited to wear hijab was very adorable. A deep emotional rollercoaster which is associated with hijab journey is explained from a view of an 11 year old girl. The wholesome story Gifts explained the practical application of patience which is being taught in Ramzan. The Feast of Sacrifice, though being delightful was straightforward. In Seraj Captures the Moon, journey was so adventurous in a cool way. The Searching for Blue gave a warm feeling about Eid which is the essence. In Creative Fixes, journey of newly converted Muslims was a unique story to learn about culture and social norms. Taste was veryyyy earnest story of kids making feast possible even after all of tragedy. Eid Pictures showed black Muslim community which is usually not heard much and portrayed their powerful culture of Eid. Not Only an Only tells us exactly you’d feel on Eid away from your people and it was eye-opening. Maya Madinah Choose Joy tells us that change happens to everyone and our reactions to change are valid too but it is up to the ones close to us to make us feel alright in times of need. Another beautiful thing to teach kids is to tell stories from Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) ‘s life to relate in every situation so that they know what is ethical. Eid and Pink Bubble Gum, Insha’ Allah was a funny and sweet story of long drive family trips. It gave me feeling of my childhood Eid when we used to have these long trips too in which siblings find a way to annoy each other to the fullest and parents would enjoy that.

One of the most admirable thing is the sketches at the start of each chapter, portraying the most happy moment of the story. The targeted audience for this book is kids of middle age, the perfect age for a kid to be taught what is right and what is wrong. But honestly you wish you had this book when you were a kid instead of stories of fairies and princesses. This is the book you can use to tell bedtime stories to your kids since it has ethical and moral lessons all along. Kindness does not have a religion, in short this book teaches us Islamic lesson about kindness.

My favorite quote from this book was “Things you give away make you happier than the things you keep for yourself” ❤
Let me know yours.

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