The Deepest Cut

Once again Beena Khan did it ❤ After her beautiful book “The Flame Must Burn” I was waiting for this sequel so much and I am so happy to announce this will leave you in awe. You will be left with mixed feelings. My hopes for Beena’s other books are so high after this specially because I can say that I absolutely love her writing style. A good book will get you absorbed in all the scenes, characters, culture and environment and this book definitely does that. The lesson is still the same as it was in the previous book, strong independent woman, understanding parents, family over anything. Her simple yet attractive words make you fall for this series. In this book the main characters Ismat and Dara are younger siblings of Cyrah and Azmi but their story is far more different than theirs. Once again this story highlighted an issue girls from Asian Muslim countries face in the name of honor. But in the end love really conquers all and hatred is defeated.

In the last book Azmi, Cryah’s former fiancé was sent to jail for harassing her and Cyrah was married to her love of life Ryder. Who knew story didn’t end there and Azmi was a typical egoistic man who believed in revenge more than to learn from his own mistakes. Ismat was Cyrah’s younger sister. She was fond of reading novels and Cyrah got her books. Ismat was quoite the opposite of Cyrah. She was a lot bold and outspoken for her age and her blunt character was very much likeable. She finished her high school and wanted to study more but her father wanted her to get married. She finally accepted her fate despite Cyray’s efforts of convincing their father to let her study further. She was presented in front of suitors a couple of times. Then there came a family who looked more religious than theirs. Ismat was presented in front of Emad and his family. At first she was a bit hesitant but the way she spoke to Emad openly not even made herself but her father proud too. She felt that her father has changed a lot since Cyrah was hurt. He had become very polite and more understanding. In fact he even asked Ismat if she likes someone she can marry him but Ismat had no one in life so she agreed for arranged marriage. Emad and Cyrah met a couple of times, though she had concerns with his way of thinking but still she agreed for this marriage. Because of her candid nature, Emad’s mother didn’t like her much and even proved it but Ismat felt that from very start.

Dara was Azmi’s younger brother. Azmi had brainwashed him to take revenge from Cyrah’s family because apparently Cyrah accused him of rape attempt. Dara blindly followed his instructions, stalked Ismat and her whereabouts through a secret agent and tried to meet her. They met at Ismat’s friend’s marriage and there he found out she is quite bold to be a typical girl of Iran. He was even shocked of her audacity to even talk to him. There was something inside him that melted for her but he tried to suppress those feelings since his brother was forcing him to be evil. Azmi asked him to defame Ismat but he couldn’t get himself to do it. But Azmi was so wicked and he sensed that Dara is delaying things so he sent his secret agent to do this. Even in jail he wasn’t learning a lesson to correct his mistakes rather he wanted the worst kind of revenge from Cyrah. He thought he owned Cyrah and it was impossible for her to leave him and now his sister was his to be owned too. After Ismat was smeared, according to plan Dara took her to a mosque and got married to her. But truth has to reveal and you can’t run in the shadow of lie for a long time. When Ismat got to know the reality, the decision she took for love was so brave for her age.

Beena Khan’s books give you a strong message about love, morality and how to be true to yourself. The description of her characters, from physical appearance to their inner beauty is amazing. The chemistry between characters is undeniably beautiful and you fall in love with Dara and Ismat’s story. The strength of female characters is just wow! A girl should be bold enough to stand for what’s right and what’s wrong for her. Parents should always take side of their kids and listen to them before taking actions in the name of honor. Family always comes first rather than social respect. Truly your reputation is only in the hand of God.

My favorite quote from this book is “He had called himself a thorn in her life. But with love, thorn become roses” ❤
Let me know yours.

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