Last Letter From Your Lover

This incredible piece of romance is by everyone’s favorite Jojo Moyes. Let me tell you why I chose this book. I got to know about author after the movie “Me Before You” and I am pretty sure movie skipped so many details from book but still it is one of those movies I can watch again and again with same excitement. TBH I was scared to read this after watching Me Before You because there was too much pain in the end, but somehow this book left me with happy tears. Even I have enough courage to read Me Before You. So coming towards this novel, Jojo Moyes highlights basic human desires and dreams, when it comes to love of your life, in a character who is apparently very rich and has everything she has desired in life yet her heart is like any other human heart craving for love that it wanted all life. This novel looks inspiring too because in the era of technology we live in, reading about letters and old times when communication was dependent on letters feels more romantic. That wait, and curiosity for the letter from your love gives you chills and one more thing Jojo Moyes books are not typical cliché, they are full of surprises. 50’s and 60’s are captured in this book so beautifully. One hope this book gave was that nothing can put out flames of love even if desired love is forbidden in that era of time.

Story starts slowly when the main character Jennifer is recollecting pieces of her memory puzzle. When Jennifer woke up in hospital after a very tragic accident and lost of memory. She couldn’t recognize her own husband or anything about her marriage, education and social circle. Her husband on the other hand was being very supportive for her and helping her to get back to her normal life as it was before accident. Jennifer felt strange in her own house even with the choice of dresses she owned but not to let her husband down, she was getting along with whatever efforts he was putting even if it was a get together with her old friends. Then one day she found a series of letters addressed to her by someone “B”. She felt some unfamiliar ray of excitement in her and she knew this maybe get her connected with her previous life after all she was bizarre with her lost pieces of puzzle. In her struggle to find out who her lover was, what happened to their love back then, did her husband know about it or not and what is topping her now to find out, somewhere in between she found out what was the reality of her marriage with her husband Laurence. Their glamorous lifestyle was covering up for their unhappy marriage and it didn’t take much longer for it to prove Jennifer.

Forty years later, Ellie a journalist, while working on her newspaper anniversary article found some letters by someone “B” to a woman Jenny. The beauty of words in those letters intoxicated Ellie to find out who they were and what happened to their love. Meanwhile, words of “B” forced her to compare her love life with theirs. Ellie was in a relationship with a married man John and couldn’t help but weigh up his letter with letters of “B”. Ellie was determined to track down these two people from forty years ago and finish their love story in whatever way possible. At last, her efforts were fruitful when she found Jennifer and she told her motive. Jennifer told her story of life, what she was doing now, what choices did she make back then. This all helped Ellie to reflect on her life choices and about John specially. Her career was at the edge of a downfall, her love for John kept on stealing every single thought of a day and she was following the same routine for so long at such a young age. She was convinced that feeling of love should be so strong that you can be ready to risk anything and everything for it.

One thing is for sure, Jojo Moyes knows how to keep readers focused. She wrote a book about time when speaking out loud about feelings and being true to heart for women was not considered appropriate, hence revealing the strong female character. Her stories have life tragedies but still leave such a deep impact on your heart. This book itself is a letter for those who have lost their love on the way but they should know that, in the end, it is only love which can conquer every heart. Very rare books leave you in tears yet satisfied with the ending.

My favorite quote from this book was “When you looked at me with those limitless, deliquescent eyes of yours, I used to wonder what it was you could possibly see in me. Now I know that is a foolish view of love. You and I could no more not love each other than the earth could stop circling the sun.
Let me know yours ❤

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