Boss I Love To Hate

This amazing office romance is my Mia Kayla. This was my first book of her and oh boy… I am so in love with this. Her style was simple and expressive and she made a cliché topic so interesting and humorous. I think it’s a very tough job to make a love story funny andContinue reading “Boss I Love To Hate”

Last Letter From Your Lover

This incredible piece of romance is by everyone’s favorite Jojo Moyes. Let me tell you why I chose this book. I got to know about author after the movie “Me Before You” and I am pretty sure movie skipped so many details from book but still it is one of those movies I can watchContinue reading “Last Letter From Your Lover”

The Deepest Cut

Once again Beena Khan did it ❤ After her beautiful book “The Flame Must Burn” I was waiting for this sequel so much and I am so happy to announce this will leave you in awe. You will be left with mixed feelings. My hopes for Beena’s other books are so high after this speciallyContinue reading “The Deepest Cut”

It Only Happens In The Movies

This phenomenal novel is by Holly Bourne and my God what an amazing experience it was to read this. Without exaggeration, this is a master piece of Holly. She wrote a very near to reality story about teenage love. She mentioned a particular notion, which is so common everywhere, by putting forth real life situations.Continue reading “It Only Happens In The Movies”

A Mirrored Life

This master piece is by a Bengali writer Rabisankar Bal. I found his writing style quite different from others in the way he describes stories from the past. At first it is difficult to understand the concept of book but once you get it, you will be amazed by the beauty of it. This bookContinue reading “A Mirrored Life”

When Breath Becomes Air

This autobiography is by Paul Kalanithi. Usually I don’t read autobiographies but this one was too much hyped and after reading it I got to know why. The writing style of author is quite neat, reflective, meditative and well structured which is a very remarkable quality of a writer. A very powerful and gasping bookContinue reading “When Breath Becomes Air”


This contemporary romance novel is by Sarah Ockler. It seems like another book about cooking but trust me it has much more to offer. It’s my first book of Sarah and I absolutely loved it because of her narrative style and simple characters and a moving story. Author’s illustrations about everything from a simple snowfallContinue reading “Bittersweet”

The Flame Must Burn

This very realistic novel is by Beena Khan, a very young author from Pakistan based in New York. Being a Pakistani it made me so happy that another fellow is making her name in the world of authors with such a great writing style and stories. I haven’t read her debut novel yet but IContinue reading “The Flame Must Burn”

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